There are many options for fun adventure activities for all the family in Gloucestershire. There are things to do to suit all tastes in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Forest of Dean and The Cotswolds.

Due to the rural nature of the county, there are many opportunities for participating in outdoor activities for you.


Adventure and outdoor fun including water sports or survival schools.


Options for organised by a group or solo places to ride in the county. Getting out on the bike either on the roads, dedicated cycleways or off-road can be great fun and very good exercise.


Forest Walking

The county is a great place to get out for some fun or challenging walking, especially in the Forest of Dean and Cotswolds.

Water Sports

Fun for people of all abilities in the waterways of Gloucestershire.

Winter Sports

Matson Ski Slope

There are options at Gloucester Ski slope to participate in some winter sports and other fun activities.


night zip

The national diving and activity centre near Chepstow has a range of adventurous activities to participate in. This includes a zip-wire ride and various fun things in their lake.



Borderlands Outdoor is a specialist training, development and activity company based on the England-Wales border on the edge of the Forest of Dean. 


COTSWOLD ARCHERY Gloucestershire

Learn or improve your bow skills at Cotswold Archery, this is suitable for people of all abilities.

Target Sports

There are a few options for those interesting in shooting and other target sports in the Forest of Dean. This includes clay pigeon shooting and archery.

Horse Riding

Learn or enhance your equestrian skills at Prestige Equestrian which is located just south of Gloucester.

Horse Riding at Prestige Equestrian Training Centre, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced rider, they have the horses to suit you. They offer you the chance for you to loan or own a school horse. A great way of having the experience of your own horse without the financial outlay.

Prestige Equestrian has professional, fully qualified instructors including 1 BHSI, 3 BHSII’s and 10 BHSAI’s. There are various activities held at the centre that range from lessons, competitions, clinics, to fun days and pony club camps. They pride themselves in being a friendly, approachable yard whilst maintaining a very positive attitude to attainment and achievement.

Off Road Driving


Visit Whitecliff near Coleford to learn or improve your off-road driving skills.

The Wilderness Centre

Known to a whole generation of people, throughout Gloucestershire and beyond, as the place where they had their first adventure away from home, The Wilderness Centre has been successfully providing outdoor education with accommodation for young people for 50 years.

Wildlife Spotting

Due to the rural makeup of the county, there are lots of opportunities for wildlife watching. This includes many options for bird watching in the variety of habitats throughout the county.