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Free Adverts Gloucestershire

I invite all local companies to send us original Gloucestershire content or adverts to add to my blog. This can be local company features, new product launches, or event promotions. I often put our own spin on any standard press releases.

Free Adverts

Sadly, I have removed the directory from this site because of technical issues and spam. However, I have pages I’m happy to add Gloucestershire companies to. To set the ball rolling and get your business or organisation listed, please CONTACT US.

News Article

Do you have some local news and need to share it, maybe you don’t have a website but your piece will be useful on the web we are happy to do this. I obviously have the final say on what is published. Please email using my CONTACT FORM.


To contribute and articles or other content please email ads@aboutglos.co.uk

When sending content, send as much information as possible and try to include photos and links to other media, including websites and YouTube videos.

Other Contributions

  • Photos of Gloucestershire.
  • Press Releases or news
  • Historical Articles or websites to link to.
  • Details of your favourite walks.
  • Details of your favourite Sunday afternoon drives in Gloucestershire.
  • Any Information about Local Sports Club, we will happily integrate a page for your club with your Twitter or Facebook Blog.

Advertise Events For Free

If you would like to advertise your Gloucestershire event on my website and have it promoted frequently by @aboutglos and #gloshour twitter accounts and more follow the instructions below.

Event Adverts

I often get asked to promote events for people and also organisations that don’t always have their own website. For all local events, I’m happy to post on here and regularly promote on social media until the event date.

If you wish to feature an event on this blog, please email me at least 350 words and photos if possible using the contact form, also include website, social profile names and contact details and I will happily add to this site and share on our social media channels.

Event Advert Instructions

Please email the following information to ads@aboutglos.co.uk, try to send as much as possible.

  • Event Title
  • Details – Over 250 words are ideal description lengths.
  • Dates & Times – Multi date events are fine for inclusion.
  • Venue Address
  • Website
  • Organiser – Maybe an event planner or designated coordinator
  • Prices
  • Social media links – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Photos and flyers – A jpeg of your flyers is handy and photos from past events.

What’s On & What To Do

I try to keep the what’s on in the county guide current. I can also promote announcements fast via our social networks. Follow our twitter to find out about the latest local events.

Promoting Local Events

To promote your event, please tweet me at @aboutglos. Or follow the instructions above.