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Beer Tourism In Gloucestershire & The Cotswolds By Brewerism

Gloucestershire and The Cotswolds are about to see a whole new concept in tourism. Beer tourism, new to the UK but well established in North America, is being launched for the first time in the heart of the Cotswolds by an expat from ‘Beervana’ Oregon. Shandin Rickard-Hughes, founder and tour guide, is bringing the concept to Cheltenham with her newly established company Brewerism Ltd.

“The beer industry is booming in the Cotswolds’ says Shandin. ‘It’s crying out to become the destination for beer tourism in the UK.


This is a new opportunity for the region that I am excited to help guide to success. “As a beer lover, I believe the local beer scene says a lot about a place culturally – just like food. Cheltenham is rapidly becoming known for its great beers and pubs and has an awesome brewing heritage to be shared as well.” Shandin hopes that bringing all these businesses and concepts together through Brewerism Ltd will add significantly to Cheltenham’s tourism offering. She plans to offer 3-4 hour tours for thirsty enthusiasts and curious newbies to explore the range of beer flavours, styles and stories in guided tastings. Tour guests will also be able to learn about the local heritage and current context of the industry, and discover how beer is made through visiting a working brewhouse.

“Beer tourists (who I’m calling ‘brewerists’) will be able to experience everything from the production through to the selling of delicious brews first-hand,” she says, “this is really about celebration: of an ancient and revitalised industry and an excellent beverage.” No stranger to adventure, travel and beer tourism herself, Shandin Rickard-Hughes is keen to bring the double excitement of exploration and entertainment to her tour guests. “Even people who start out believing that they don’t like beer will (hopefully) walk away from my tours with a new favourite brew – as well as great memories and souvenirs to take home with them and new knowledge to show off to their friends in the pub,” says Shandin. Her tours are intended to appeal to people of all genders, ages (over 18), nationalities and beer backgrounds.


Cheltenham Microbrewery Tours


The Brewerism Cheltenham Microbrewery Tour will expose you to the art and science of brewing beer and the various different beer and brewing styles.  Full details of the tours cam be found HERE.

The tour includes visits and tasting at the following;

Wild Beer Co. – Wild Beer at Jessop House in Cheltenham, beer is served from their own range, the venue is focused on comfort with a few supprises in the building.

Prescott Ales – Prescott ales in Cheltenham make award-winning ales that celebrate the traditions of brewing.

DEYA Brewing Company – Brewing fresh beer in Cheltenham, UK. Taproom open every Friday..

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