Biblins Footbridge

Biblins Bridge

Biblins bridge is an iconic footbridge across the River Wye on the Gloucestershire/Herefordshire border. The bridge is pretty spectacular and has some amazing views of the river, the woods and the nearby Doward. Crossing the footbridge is great fun for those that don’t mind heights or the bridges swinging as people walk across. The bridge has a limit of people walking across at any time for safety reasons, on a quiet day you can stand and enjoy the spectacular scenery or even take a few photos for posterity.

Wye Valley at Biblins
Wye Valley at Biblins


In 1957 The Forestry Commission built the original Biblins footbridge across the river. They used local timber for the frames that were set in concrete on the banks. In 2020 the bridge was damaged by Storm Dennis where the water level had risen to nearly the top of the structure. We hope this is repaired and enjoyable again in the near future.


The surrounding countryside is great walking country and a good place to spot the local wildlife. There are many birds of prey, wild boar and deer that call this area home. The river is teeming with life, underwater there are various fish including trout and salmon.

Circular Walk From Symonds Yat

Walking to Biblins from Symonds Yat East downstream is a great walk where you get to see the rapids and white water. The footbridge marks the halfway point of a circular walk. You can then head back upstream via the youth campsite towards the ferry and back to the Saracens Head pub for a post-walk meal or drink. A similar walk is possible from the city of Monmouth which is equally as stunning.

@aboutglos incorporated both of the above into a full days hiking exploring the Wye Valley AONB.



Lots of drone videos are available online for the area in general, this one is rather nice and shows this section of the river.

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