Borderlands Outdoor

Borderlands Outdoor is a specialist training, development and activity company. They are based on the England-Wales border on the edge of the Forest of Dean. The company was born of a love of the outdoors shared by partners Martin Sweeney and Laura McCartney.

Borderlands Outdoor

The company’s success is informed by their wide-ranging experiences: teaching activities. These range from rock climbing to canoeing, volunteering with a local lifeboat and search and rescue organisation. Also, they do travelling throughout the world backpacking and leading youth expeditions. The company is focused on five main areas of work: first aid training, navigation training, team development, school activities and family fun.


First Aid Training

Borderlands First Aid delivers workplace and specialised first aid courses both at business premises and through open courses. Most workplaces require some degree of first aid cover on their premises. Whether it’s the 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work, 3 day First Aid at Work or a specialised Outdoor First Aid course for remote workers. Borderlands has the course to meet your needs. For nurseries and early years childcare settings, Borderlands delivers both 1 and 2-day paediatric first aid courses. These meet the requirements set out by OFSTED for early years staff.

All of Borderlands’ first aid courses are regulated qualifications. This means that you can rest assured that the due diligence required in selecting an appropriate training provider has been taken care of in advance.

Despite the course titles, first aid training isn’t just for the workplace. Borderlands’ courses are suitable for any individual seeking to learn the simple skills needed to save a life.

Navigation Training

As a qualified Mountain Leader, Martin takes the lead on Borderlands’ navigation courses. Open courses are run regularly in the Forest of Dean and the Black Mountains in South Wales. The courses lead to the National Navigation Award Scheme bronze and silver qualifications respectively.

Navigation Training

At the bronze level, you’ll learn how to navigate effectively using tracks and trails in open countryside and woodland. You’ll be introduced to the use of the compass and, as a bonus, you’ll experience some of the finest countryside in England as you wander through the beautiful Forest of Dean and Wye Valley.

The Silver award is aimed at people with a little more experience and builds on the skills of the bronze award. You’ll develop the confidence and ability to wander off the beaten track more, safe in the knowledge that you can accurately interpret smaller landforms on a map and locate yourself with ease.

Team Development

Karl Nnas pic

Borderlands’ staff have many years’ experience in facilitating team development activities. Each development programme is bespoke to the individual client, built around their specific needs. Programmes can be tailored to areas such as breaking down communication barriers, escaping silo working, encouraging independent action within teams or simply bonding over an enjoyable activity. What makes Borderlands’ method effective is the use of the outdoors alongside perceived risk to ease participants outside of their normal comfort zone into a challenging yet safe space for learning.

School activities


From team building to navigation, rock climbing to bushcraft and archery, Borderlands always deliver high quality and enjoyable outdoor learning experiences for students. Teachers work hard enough as it is, so we help you to map our activities against the learning outcomes of the national curriculum, demonstrating the value of the positive experiences your young people have with us.

For something a little out of the ordinary, our unique Squire Training programme will take your pupils back to the middle ages, working on geography, history, science, PSHE and PE as they complete our fun and interactive quest.

Family Fun


Here’s where we really let loose: any and all of the activities we provide can be brought together into a tailor-made package. These are for families and individuals looking for adventure and fun. We’ve enjoyed taking our mobile archery range to festivals as far afield as Cornwall. Borderlands love finding budding Robin Hoods on our sessions. Alongside our local guided walks, activities from bushcraft to camping expeditions make Borderlands the natural choice for family-friendly activities and adventures.

Plan your adventure

With so much to see, do and learn in the Borderlands, it’s hard to know where to start. Drop the team a line to talk through the options and organise your activity.

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