Breakheart Quarry Geology

Breakheart Quarry Walk Near Dursley in Gloucestershire

Breakheart Quarry near Dursley in Gloucestershire is a great place to go for a walk or picnic. It’s also a fantastic place for a dog walk. The area is a former quarry and a great place to study the geology or maybe find a fossil. It is also a great place to see some wildlife while exploring. This includes seeing many of rabbits, squirrels and kestrels that are hunting above. Breakheart Quarry also has some nice tables in the area for a picnic too.

Breakheart Quarry Sign

Getting to the quarry from Dursley is pretty straightforward. It is a short drive to their car parking area from Dursley. Alternatively, you can take the 20-minute uphill walk from the town centre. Note; the carpark closes at 5pm.

Dog Walk

Breakheart Quarry Dog Walk in Gloucestershire

For a unique place to go for a dog walk in the Cotswolds, you might want to head to Breakheart Quarry near to Dursley. You can park up and explore the quarry and it has lots of variations for a dog walk.

Geology of Breakheart Quarry


The area is a fascinating place to see or study the geology of the Cotswolds. Being a former quarry, there are lots of rocks and rock formations exposed. You can see a variety of stones at the quarry. It also has a range of fossils within the quarry if you can spot one. The site also makes for an interesting habitat.

Nature Trail Birdwatching & Wildlife

There are few signs showing the wildlife that you can spot while walking in the Breakheart Quarry. There are some common species and some more rare ones to spot. Also, there are a variety of tree and flower species in this nature reserve. Species that live at the quarry include.

Breakheart Quarry Wildlife
  • Squirrels
  • Rabbit
  • Badgers
  • Muntjac Deer
  • Slow Worms
  • Doormouse
  • Dragonflies and damselflies
  • A vast selection of butterfly types, including red admiral butterflies
  • Stoats
  • Hedgehogs
  • Frogs and toads

The site is also a fantastic place to go birdwatching. Some species you can observe include:

  • Nuthatch
  • Kestrel
  • Blackcap
  • Bullfinch
  • Chaffinch
  • Goldfinch
  • Woodpeckers including the Green Woodpecker and Great Spotted Woodpecker.
  • Jay
  • Pheasant
  • Raven
  • Tawney Owl
  • Willow Warbler
  • Wood pigeons
  • A variety of tits, including the great tit.

Picnic & Refreshments at Breakheart Quarry

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They have a few picnic tables at the quarry which are a great place to enjoy a packed lunch if visiting the site. Breakheart Quarry also has a visitor centre that serves refreshments. They have inside tables and serve both hot and cold drinks. The visitor centre is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 until 5pm.

They also have a children’s play area with swings, climbing ropes and other fun things to do.

Mountain Bike Trail

Breakheart Quarry has a long mountain bike course on the site. This takes you through the woods with a climb back to the cafe. This off-road course is 2 miles long and not for the fainthearted. There are longer routes you can take from the Quarry into the Gloucestershire countryside.

Walks to Breakheart Quarry

As well as the walks marked out at Breakheart Quarry, there are some longer routes you can enjoy in the area. They map many of these out on Komoot. This also includes some longer MTB courses in the area.