View Of Newnham-On-Severn

Bullo Pill Gloucestershire

This is a photo collection on my walk along The River Severn in Bullo Pill, Gloucestershire. Iit is a tiny village between Newnham-On-Severn and Lydney. Walking from A48 through railway bridge past the dockyard up to “Box Grove Woods”.

Bullo Pill Docks

Bullo Pill Docks are now in use by local marine contractors. However, until approx 1930, they were an important export dock for coal mined in The Forest of Dean. Coal from here would go to Cardiff, Bristol and Ireland, amongst many other further destinations.


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My walk

I was visiting friends to fix their computer and realised I hadn’t walked this part of the River Severn; I grabbed my always with my camera and started my walk.

Walk Route

  1. I started from my friend’s house next to Bullo Pill docks. You can find the dock by coming through the railway bridge off the A48.
  2. I headed downriver through the docks into some riverside farmland, enjoying views across the river to my usual walking ground near Arlingham.
  3. After a while, I reached a bridge crossing a small stream and entered Box Grove Woods.
  4. I walked to the top of the wooded area and then circled through the woods, heading back upstream.

Overall, a pleasant walk that included;

  • Rivers
  • Woodland
  • Farmland
  • Dockyard
  • Wildlife

Bullo Pill Walk Photographs

Some photos of the riverside walk, including a hazy view of the Severn Bridge.