Camping Shops

Outdoors & Camping Shops Gloucestershire

There are many options for camping equipment shops in Gloucestershire for you to get supplies for your next outdoor adventure. Outdoor specialists typically sell all the equipment and clothing you need for hiking or camping adventures. Typical products available include tents, walking boots, waterproof clothing and more. Some of the more specialist store’s stock gear for water sports, mountaineering and rock climbing.

Camping Equipment

Typical kit that is on sale in the camping shops of the county includes;


Camping tent
Camping tent

There are tents to suit any requirement and budget these days. These range from small lightweight hiking versions to large multi-room family structures. Buying a new tent requires some research to ensure that you get the right one for your needs. Many outdoor specialist retailers are very knowledgeable about this topic and offer expert advice.

Hiking Boots

If walking or hiking the right pair of boots can make or break your adventure, investing in a good pair often pays dividends. Boots come in sturdy, heavy options or more lightweight version for long-distance walks. Ankle support is important for walking in rough or slippy terrains. If walking in wetlands or the rainy months being waterproof is important. Keeping them waterproof is a good idea. Many shops offer advice on this with products to make your footwear last longer.


Whether you are a long-distance hiker or just doing some short walks, a backpack is a brilliant investment. Rucksacks are a straightforward way to carry what you need while keeping both hands free. These come in many sizes, from large ones for multi-day adventures to small day-packs.

Cooking Kit

Camping tent
Camping tent

If staying under canvas, you will need something to cook with or utensils to prepare food. Camping shops sell a range of cooking utensils, many are foldable and lightweight too for convenience and space-saving. Cooking devices can include gas hobs, barbeques or mini firepits.

Sleeping Bags & Mats

Sleeping bags are pretty essential for any camping trip and important to research. The last thing any camper wants is to be too cold or uncomfortable hot while sleeping. They typically rate sleeping bags by season. Each season is suitable for a temperature range. They also come in different shapes and sizes so you can get one perfect for your body shape and height. To complement a bag, some form of floor comfort is helpful. This can be a foam floor mat or an inflatable air bed.

Camping Shops in Gloucestershire

There are many options in the county for retailers stoking camping and outdoor equipment. This includes options in Gloucester, Cheltenham, the Forest of Dean and The Cotswolds.

Go Outdoors Gloucester

One of the biggest outdoor retailers in the country is Go Outdoors in Gloucester, near to GL1 Leisure centre. They have a comprehensive stock of all things camping from tents to boots. They have demonstration tents inside where you can see sizes and features before you buy. Go Outdoors also have a fishing section for keen anglers to buy stock.

Atwools Outdoors

Based on the A38 in Whitminster is Atwools Outdoors, a great independent camping specialist. Atwools have a big range of outdoor kit for camping, skiing, caravanning equipment and more. The site also has a coffee shop, so you can sit and ponder on your purchases. Atwools stock some fantastic quality gear for advanced outdoor enthusiasts, including waterproof clothing and a big range of hiking boots.

Cotswold Outdoor South Cerney

Near to Cirencester and Cotswold Water Park is retailer Cotswold Outdoor. They describe themselves as a mainstay for outdoor clothing, boots, camping equipment and accessories. Cotswold Outdoor stock over 250 brands and have a comprehensive catalogue of products to meet most requirements. Their footwear section is very comprehensive and has some great options for hiking boots or shoes.

Mountain Warehouse

A good value chain for camping equipment with a few stores in the county. Mountain Warehouse has shops in Gloucester, at Blooms in Hardwicke, Cheltenham, Stroud in Cirencester. They have many shops in Gloucestershire, also they have a great website with further stock options. They often have special offers here, and you can find some good bargains. I have had an exceptional experience here buying sleeping bags, which are good value for money.


In Gloucester Quays shopping centre, is Trespass, a brand that sells some quality outdoor clothing and accessories. Their clothing and footwear ranges are suitable for ladies, men and children. These come in a variety of brands. Trespass also sells outdoor-related nicknacks. I recently purchased a hipflask for a warming drink for my expeditions here. They have quite the selection of bags in store, from massive volume backpacks to some very stylish-looking day-packs. Trespass also has a store on Regent Street in Cheltenham.


Outdoor chain Millets have shops in both Stroud and Cheltenham, and Monmouth near to the Forest of Dean. The chain stocks most things you need for hiking and other adventures, including some quality branded clothing. They often have sales on in-store, so you might pick up a bargain. Millets also stock a range of mountain bikes, parts, and associated cycling paraphernalia.

Rohan Stow on the Wold

Based in Stow on the Wold in the heart of the Cotswolds is Rohan, a specialist outdoor clothing brand. Rohan has become a leading technical outdoor and travel clothing brand since its formation in 1972. They design their gear to be lightweight, highly packable, versatile and designed to improve your travel experiences. A go-to place for something special for your outdoor adventures.


Based in The Promenade in Cheltenham is Blacks, another outdoor gear retailer. They sell standard hiking and camping kit, however Blacks also supply clothing and equipment for skiing. Skiwear includes jackets, gloves, visors and everything else you need to ski comfortably. They also have a section for the intrepid traveller with some nifty bits of kit to make travelling the world more comfortable or pleasurable. Product lines include things like walking sandals that are great for trekking, on the beach or paddling in mountain lakes.