Are you choosing the right tools for the job?

Are you choosing the right tools for the job? Most businesses looking for hired help for a web project by default tend to choose an agency or freelancer. But, there is another way. Specialist businesses, like Gloucestershire based Push Code, offer an alternative.

Tools for Job

Trying to explain Push Code is tricky. They are not a full service corporate agency. They are also not a couple of freelancers. What they are is a boutique web design and development company. They design, develop and build web applications and websites. It’s not just about the code. Push Code also do content strategy and creation.

Swiss Army Knife

Think about a Swiss Army Knife, sometimes you will need all the tools. Sometimes you just need the bottle opener. But, sometimes you need the bottle opener and the corkscrew. That’s where we come in. It’s about having the right tools for the job.

An agency tends to offer all the things you might possibly need, in one place. That’s great when your project demands all the skills they have at their disposal. If however, you have a more focused project, think about the tools that you really need for the job. An agency with its account managers, user experience consultants, search specialists, swanky offices and high overheads can be like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

On the other hand, freelancers generally offer one or two related specialisms. This is ideal when those specialisms align perfectly with the project’s requirements, but the team at Push Code know from experience (they used to be freelancers) that it doesn’t take much for a project to fall outside an individual’s comfort zone. If other experts with different skill sets are brought into the project, you can end up with people, who are not used to working together, working in isolation from one another and often pulling in different directions.

Oil change and pizza

For Push Code, and many other specialist businesses – and not just in the world of the Web – narrowing focus and specialising in a very specific area is a proven way of attracting the right projects and the right clients, where everything just clicks. The right people with the right skills and enthusiasm doing the best work. In his article ‘Oil change and pizza’, inspired by a sign he once saw, Daniel Mall illustrates this point really well. He questions whether somewhere with such a diverse offering can actually be any good at either.

“What makes a great agency are the things they don’t do.”

Daniel Mall

That’s why, Push Code is definitely not a “full service” agency. They are just two people, Aaron and Annika, they don’t pretend to do everything but what they do, they do well. Push Code’s clear focus is the Web, but Aaron and Annika’s skills align perfectly to allow us them to treat design, development and content as equal parts of our process – something that even many larger agencies still struggle with.

Decision time

This article isn’t meant to be freelancers versus agency scuffle. Each and every project is different and that’s why it’s important to think about exactly what you need to get it done. Sometimes you need all the tools a Swiss Army Knife has to offer and sometimes you don’t.  If you have a web project in the pipeline, think about doing things differently, get in touch and see what Push Code can do for you. If it’s not the right project for them, they’ll let you know. But you might be surprised.  

Photo credit: pennuja via Visualhunt / CC BY

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