@aboutglos is happy for other blogger and Gloucestershire based business to collaborate with us.


Gloucestershire Business

We are happy to publish unique blog posts to promote any local company or service. These need to be quality and compliment the @aboutglos sites other content. These posts will be promoted to our social media following as well as organic traffic to the site. We also have a directory for free ads too.


If a local blogger or travel blogger wishes to guest post about the county or the Cotswolds that’s great. A post here can raise your profile, get you some traffic and maybe increase your social media following. Ideally suited to some of the #glosbloggers group.

For travel bloggers, we love to include information from a tourists view, including the good the bad or fantastic. If you have an idea please get in touch.

Collaboration Posts

Going forward we are creating some best of posts on different topics relating to the county. We ask for people to write a quality snippet, send a photo and we can link to your social media or blog. Current Collaborations include;

  1. The restaurant you miss most during the lockdown. – Please provide details of the eatery you most missed during the lockdown and why. What would be your favourite main course, starter and dessert?
  2. Introduce Yourself – A chance for frequent #gloshour networkers to introduce their business. Send 200 words about your business, what you consider to be your top product/service. Include a picture, website link to the product/service.
  3. Best Pub For Working – As it says what do you consider the best pub for working in the county. Why is it good for you and what sort of work do you do while there? What is your favourite drink when you have finished before you head home. Include a link to the pub or a blog post about the pub on your website. Will credit the collaborator and link to your website or social profile if preferred.
  4. Favourite Walks – Details of your favourite walks in the shire from easy to hard. These will be included on one of our walking pages, the most relevant. Ideally, we want to link back to your post about the walk and have an original photo too.


If you wish to get added to a current page or blog post, this is fine if you are a good fit. We will happily add details about anything Gloucestershire that we deem suitable. We like to have unique text and photos for this. Use Add Form Selecting snippet from the category list.

If you wish to post an article on our blog including events this is great. We ideally need these to be over 400 words and include a photo. Quality is important so these will be checked and may be edited. Select blog option from the category list.

Create a Post for your site

Content for your blog, we are happy to create a post for publication on your blog to help raise the @aboutglos profile. These can be on any topic if its a good fit for us. Message us…