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Distilleries in Gloucestershire & The Cotswolds

There are many distilleries in Gloucestershire, many of which offer tours and tasting sessions. The most common tipples distilled in the county include gin and whiskey.

The term distillery signifies a place or a building where the alcohol manufactured. The distillation process separates fermented products helps to produce high-quality alcohol contents. This is the core process of strengthening alcoholic beverages such as gin, brandy and whiskey.

Distilleries in Gloucestershire & The Cotswolds

Some local stills that produce quality local liquor, some of which offer tasting sessions and tours.

Brennen & Brown Ltd in Cheltenham

Around since 2012, this Cheltenham distillery is determined to bring back long-lost flavours of gin. Also revitalising the almost forgotten methods of its production. Brennen & Brown Ltd in Cheltenham currently have special offers for a gin making or a gin tasting experience.

Visitors will tour the Cheltenham distillery and learn about the history of gin and gin-making. Visitors will explore the beginnings of the beverage to today’s modern methods of production and styles. You can learn about different garnishes and how they affect the taste of this classic liquor.

Fox’s Kiln Distillery in Gloucester

Foxs Kiln Distillery - Distilleries Gloucester

Gloucester Brewery has diversified and formed Fox’s Kiln Distillery at their home in the docks. This is one of the newest distilleries in the county, but they are off to a good start. They produce the gin in small batches with prime ingredients to create some unique flavours. Botanicals used include the usual suspect juniper and also coriander seeds, cardamom, bay leaves, camomile and lemon. You can purchase their wares via their online shop, including their fascinating Rhubarb & ginger version.

Haven Distillery in Herefordshire

The Haven Distillery is an artisan small-batch distillery nestled just outside the county border in Herefordshire. They are one of the smallest distilleries in the UK; they produce some nice handcrafted, small batch London Dry Gin. You can purchase their gin in Gloucestershire businesses like The Forest Deli in Coleford and Webbs Garden Centre in Cheltenham.

Haven Distillery

They combine homegrown herbs and other botanicals, then they distilled slowly to create their distinctive premium strength gin. The homegrown botanicals include lemon thyme, bay, apple mint, rosemary, angelica & lemon verbena. About…

Cotswolds Distillery

The Cotswolds Distillery is one of the first of its kind in the Cotswolds. This also is the closest working distillery to London. They offer tours, in which visitors can sample gin and whisky produced on site. They are one of many good food and drink producers in Gloucestershire.

Gin & Whiskey Tasting

The distillery is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty. They owe the distilling process to the state-of-the-art equipment housed within the historic building. Visitors can learn about the distillery process at each stage of its creation. And afterwards, sampling some wares along their way.

Cotswold Distillery, Gloucestershire Distilleries

Tours run every day, creating a gin and whisky journey. This allows guests to taste some samples and also to learn the history of the distillery.

Little Oak in Chipping Campden

They established the Little Oak Vineyard in Chipping, Campden, Gloucestershire in 2006. It started with the planting of 300 Siegerrebe vines on the gentle slope near the Cotswolds.

Since the first very successful vintage in 2009, the Vineyard has grown to have nearly 2000 vines. These produce a nice dry white wine, sparkling wine and also Brandy distilled from the Siegerrebe grape. Visitors are welcome to come and see the operation and also taste the locally produced wines & Brandy with lunch.

Little Oak is in Chipping, Campden, however, more information is on their website.

Sibling Distillery in Cheltenham

In Charlton Kings in Cheltenham is Sibling Distillery, a quality gin producer. Sibling has combined the hands-on process of mashing a cane sugar base and preparing fresh fruits and other botanicals. Combined with a state-of-the-art glass, stainless steel and copper distillery. They use a beautifully modern set of botanical flavours while sticking with traditional methods. They enjoy showing visitors around the distillery and also have a tasting room where tours can learn lots about gin.