Drone Videos Of Gloucestershire

A collection of Drone Videos featuring Gloucestershire, I’ve selected better drone videos of the county for this page. These videos result from various operators sharing on sites like YouTube.

If you have some local drone videos, please send me a link on my CONTACT FORM. Then I will Embed and share for you.

Videos From Drones In Gloucestershire

Some great footage from locations across Gloucestershire. This also includes footage from the Cotswolds and Forest of Dean.

Cotswolds Water Park

An aerial video from Cotswolds Water park, with the drone flying over the beautiful lakes.

Lydney Docks

A great aerial video of Lydney docks on the River Severn in Gloucestershire.

Cheltenham Racecourse

A collection of different drones flying above the racecourse in Cheltenham

Forest Of Dean

A nice drone video from the Wye Valley, they also fly over Cannop Ponds in the Forest Of Dean. The area surrounding cannop ponds is great for hiking and is also popular with MTB enthusiasts.

Wye Valley

A nice overhead movie shot in the Wye Valley, including Biblins footbridge and the surrounding area. This video is also a great guide for you o see what to expect when hiking along the river.

About Drones

I’m enjoying the local drone videos of the local area. However, I’m considering getting one so I can create some interesting videos for my collection. Drones range in a variety of prices from £40 on eBay up to more expensive, more professional models.

There has been a warning from the Civil Aviation Authority recently regarding the use of personal drones. Read Here…


The SkyCam Gloucester & Wye Valley

SkyCam offer a specialist photography and they also do a videography service using drone technology. They can provide high-resolution photos and video that will simply exceed your expectations. They however have permission from the Civil Aviation Authority to conduct commercial operations. SkyCam also have Public Liability Insurance for peace of mind, this being a legal requirement for commercial work.

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