Edd Donovan Sings for the Greens Monday 13th April


Featuring Edd Donovan and The Wandering Moles, Delicate Holly (acoustic) and Dale Campbell

Hosted by Cheltenham Green Party candidate Adam van Coevorden at The Frog and Fiddle, Cheltenham


Ed Donovan


With the run up to the General Election gathering pace, Green Party Cheltenham have teamed up with local record label, Paper Label Records, to present an evening of music and an opportunity to meet Cheltenham candidate Adam van Coevorden at the Frog and Fiddle on Monday 13th April.

This free gig will be hosted by Adam and will be headlined by Edd Donovan and The Wandering Moles. Edd has always been an enthusiastic supporter of the Green Party, having voted for them all his life, and, when approached, was happy to use his voice as a singer-songwriter to support the green surge.

The Green Party are keen to encourage Cheltenham’s student community to the event and will be providing facilities so they can register to vote, no matter what their political leanings. Anyone wishing to register will need their National Insurance number. Edd is using his song Call Me Old Fashioned to support the Green Party. Taken from last year’s critically acclaimed album “Something To Take The Edge Off” the song is Edd at his most political and with it’s refrain of “We need something more radical” this sums up Edd’s views on the current political landscape. Lyrically, it focuses on the demise of societal moral fabric and waning sense of community. It rallies for a new idealism, but casts doubt on any large scale utopian directed change materialising. The lyrics identify with the older generation’s longing for the ‘good old days’, but with a touch of cynicism. Subtle word play suggests that it was never that good anyway – “why can’t we return, back to the way things were[n’t]”. Edd says “Basically, I don’t like to be part of a system that perpetuates war and terror upon its own species and that aims to destroy the natural system that supports it. I want to be part of a community that strives to share opportunity and resource. Nature is our true teacher and its preservation and exploration is vital to our education and sustainability of life on Earth. A greener way is the only way in my opinion.” When it comes to Green Party policy, Edd’s second profession give him a very personal reason for backing the party’s wider agenda. He says “As an NHS Mental Health Practitioner, I see first hand how the selling off of NHS services to private companies is having a negative effect on front line care. The Green Party are the only party prepared to stand up against this.”

When asked about working with Edd, Adam van Coevorden said “I am delighted that Edd is lending his considerable talent to this evening. Aside from having a compelling, distinctive voice, Edd’s music really chimes with me as he is calling out for radical change. We need to arrest the course of rampant environmental destruction and social injustice, and mainstream politics and the media carry on with deaf ears. This inspires Edd, and it’s what has inspired me to stand for the Green Party and real change in my home town. It’s reassuring that there are still real protest singers out there.”

In addition to Edd Donovan and The Wandering Moles, the evening boasts an exclusive acoustic performance from up and coming young rock band Delicate Holly who are also keen to lend their support to the Green Party. Drummer Toby says “Even though our current focus is on the release of our debut EP at the end of April, we all felt it was important, as a young band, to take time out to show our support for the only party that cares about the same issues we do.”

The evening will be opened by virtuoso guitarist and member of the Cheltenham Green Party team Dale Campbell.

Doors open at 7.30pm with live music from 8.00pm.

Further Information

Adam van Coevorden, Cheltenham Green Party@AdamForGreenMP adamgreenpartychelt@gmail.com

Paper Label Records artists – paul@paperlabelrecords.co.uk / 07968 512455

Anthony Oliver, Cheltenham Green Party Press Officer – press@cheltenham.greenparty.org.uk / 07966 934406

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