The River Severn in Gloucestershire

River Severn Walk in Elmore Back and Stonebench

There are many beautiful things to see on a walk along the river in Elmore Back and Stonebench. This includes part of the Severn Way, a long-distance hiking trail, and some nice country lanes.

River Severn at Stonebench

River Severn at Elmore Back

I really like to hike along or have picnics on the banks of the River Severn in Stonebench. It is my preferred location to watch the Severn Bore; I look forward to the bigger bores in spring and also autumn.

Weir Green

The Weir Green area of Elmore is very special and looks very different throughout the seasons. In late spring, it is a buttercup meadow with a blooming orchard, thus very colourful. It’s also a quiet place to go for a dog walk.

Buttercup Meadow Elmore

In autumn, the leaves falling make it a special place, however with the leaves missing in winter makes it interesting too. This is a typically a quiet place to hike, thus also a great place for a picnic too. The tranquillity of the area makes it a great place to practise yoga.

Elmore Village

Elmore is a small village near Hardwicke and Frampton on Severn in Gloucestershire, England. It is a charming rural village situated on the banks of the River Severn, and surrounded by the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside. It is known for its picturesque views, with rolling farm fields, lush meadows, and tranquil river views, making it an ideal hiking destination for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful place for a walk.

The village has some traditional stone cottages and historic buildings that you can see when walking in the area. One of the notable places of interest in Elmore is the historic St. John the Baptist Church, which dates back to the 12th century. Elmore court is also a pleasant and historic place to see. It is over 750 years old and has been owned by the same family for that time.

The River Severn in Elmore is a popular spot for leisure activities, such as riverside walks, picnics, fishing and watching the famous Severn Bore. Elmore doesn’t have any pubs or restaurants, however, The Pilot Inn and The Anchor at Epney are the two closest.

Getting to the River

Driving to the area or walking from Hardwicke or Quedgeley are the most obvious options to get to Stonebench. There is a small parking area at Weir Green, however it sometimes gets full when there is a bore.

Walking from the villages is rather pleasant, first a walk along the canal towpath, then through some fields to join The Severn Way Path in Stonebench. This is a delightful walk, however, respect the trail and avoid damaging crops in the farmland. I have posted a map below to guide you.

Walking from Stonebench to Epney

For those that like a longer hike, the riverside trail goes from Stonebench via Weir green to Epney. The Anchor Inn in Epney is a great halfway point where hikers can fuel up or have a drink.

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There are some impressive sights on the way including windmill hill, groundless pool and lots of farmland. I have suggested a circular walk that brings you back via the Gloucester-Sharpness Canal, however there are routes along the country lanes too.

What’s nearby?

Pilot Inn – A public house for food, drink, or rest. This is a nice place with a great beer garden that is popular in the summer.