Czech & East European Food Shops

European Food Shops

There are many options for shopping for European food in Gloucestershire. There are many East European shops in Gloucester and Cheltenham. These include those specialising in Polish, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian and also Lithuanian food products.

Shops For European Food

CzechLand for East European Food

On Northgate street in Gloucester is Czechland a deli and grocery store selling Czech, Slovak and also Hungarian food products.

Silesian Food

Silesian Food is a Polish bakery based Eastgate market in Gloucester. They specialise in healthy, organic natural pastries and homemade cakes. However, their popular cookies baked with no preservatives. They also sell croquettes, patties, snacks and homemade pate.

Istanbul Mini Market

A shop on Eastgate Street in Gloucester that predominantly sells Turkish food and produce from Turkey. They have a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, spices from the region. Istanbul Mini Mart also stock flatbreads and has a refrigerated section. They also sell a selection of snacks like sunflower or pumpkin seeds or watermelon by the slice.

Kaya International Food

Kaya International Food

On Eastgate Street, Gloucester, near to the number 12 bus stop, is Kaya International, a handy food shop. Kaya supplies a diverse selection of international foods. This includes fresh vegetables, Romanian or Polish breads, Middle Eastern staples and also more. About Kaya…

Malinka Cheltenham

Malinka AKA Raspberry Cheltenham advertises themselves as Gloucestershire’s premier Polish Deli. The store is on the high street close to the town centre. They sell a range of produce from Poland including pickles, sausages, meat and also fresh vegetables.

Biedronki Polish Supermarket

Biedronki Polish Supermarket

Also on Barton street is Polish food shop, Biedronki. They are a place primarily stocking food from Poland with friendly staff. However, they also supply many ingredients from other countries in Eastern Europe.

Biedronk stock meat items including hams and sausages that are popular in Poland. Jars of pickles including cabbage and sauerkraut are available. However, for beer lovers they have a great selection of unique to the UK beers on the shelves.

Wisla Polish Food

A mini-market on Barton Street that sells a variety of foodstuffs, from fresh veg to meats. They also have some great lager beers in the fridge if you fancy something different.

Polski Sklep a Polish Food Shop

Polski Sklep

On Barton Street in Gloucester is Polski Sklep, a grocery store that supplies food from Poland. They are also a convenience store that has a selection of interesting beers such as Tyskie.

Slovakian Shop

Slovakian Shop

This shop is on Barton street, GL1 and specialises in food options from Slovakia. They focus on the food of Slovakia and Bratislava in particular. This includes products like meat and dumplings with some interesting spicy or herbal options. This is a great place to buy pickled vegetables and also spices, including a variety of types of paprika.

European Beers

Romanian Beer Gloucester

There are many nice East European beers about, some mainstream and other not so known in the UK. One of the more popular is Tyskie which is in many supermarkets. However there are some interesting options form countries like Romania and Hungary.