Extreme Robots Live Tour in Cheltenham

Extreme Robots

This autumn the stars of Robot Wars leave the safety of the TV studio and head to Cheltenham. The show will feature new and old robots facing off live, with lots of exclusive features added in to enhance the experience. Major Damage the house robot will make an appearance too, showing off to make sure everyone knows who’s the boss. Guests can snap up some official merchandise to make a geeky gift or simply remember the day.

Extreme Robots Video

A preview of what to expect at on of their events and the robots featured.

Where and When?

This takes place periodically throughout the country. The local usually event takes place at Leisure at Cheltenham in Tommy Taylors Lane.

Hopefully Extreme Robots will be back for a show in Cheltenham on the 7th and 8th of November. This is subject to the current COVID crisis throughout the world.

Featured Bot

Major Damage is the most deadly House Robot on the show, which was created originally in 2007. Major Damage is 960kg of pure brute force with a 40kg carbon dioxide powered hammer of doom fitted to smash rival robots into the floor! The main weapon is the crushing jaw which can crush and throw robots. In 2013 this bot was further upgraded and a flame thrower was fitted into its jaw, this enables Major Damage to burn rival robots into oblivion!


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