Coleford Butchers

Food Shops in Coleford

After my recent camping holiday in the Forest of Dean, I become familiar with the different food shops in Coleford. There was plenty of choice from some supermarkets to the more traditional food shops like butchers, delicatessen and bakers. The town provided everything we needed as well as some delicious locally produced extras.


The town is serviced by two supermarkets, a small Tesco and a bigger Coop store, both selling what you expect is most supermarkets

Forest Deli

Forest Deli is a delicatessen located in the centre of Coleford selling a big variety of cheeses and other local products.

On my last visit, I purchased some delicious mixed olives and some local Single Gloucester cheese. One regret is I forgot to get a bottle of Mead made by Wye Valley Meadery.

The Crusty Loaf Bakery

The Crusty Loaf Bakery is an award-winning baker and is the place to shop if you love bread or cakes. I tried most of their bread rolls, white and brown during my walking break. The brown malted roll was my favourite.

They also have many cakes on offer all were delicious including carrot cake and Eccles cakes to name a few.

The Baguette Stop

Stopped at the Baguette Stop a few times for breakfast/ brunch pre-walk and even some to take away. Special mention to their chicken curry and bacon and tomato baguettes. The cafe is pleasant, very good value and the staff were very friendly.


There are 3 butchers in Coleford, I managed to use all 3 for different meats. the butcher was utelised mainly for bacon and sausages for breakfast including some delicious local Forest of Dean beef sausage.

Chicken breast and pork also was used for kebabs on our barbecue at Greenacres Campsite.


There are some great food shops in Coleford, enough to keep you happy if living in the area or on a holiday.

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