Food & Drink Producers & Farm Shops

Food and drink suppliers and producers in Gloucestershire. This includes farmers’ markets, farm shops and other local food shops. The county has lots of food and drink producers who create a diverse range of products.

There are many options in Cheltenham and Gloucester for European Food shops, where you can pick up something different. There are many markets throughout Gloucestershire, many of which feature local artisan produce.

Gloucestershire Drink Producers

  • Vineyard – Wine producers in the county who create some very nice vintages.
  • Distilleries – Distillers of specialist liquor in the county.
  • Breweries – Brewers making local beer, cider and real ales.

Food & Farm Shops in Gloucestershire & The Cotswolds

There are many very good quality farm shops in Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds. Field to the plate is a very popular concept in many restaurants or homes. Food fresh from the farm is very nice.

Jolly Nice a Cotswolds Farm Shop

Jolly Nice Farm Shop

Jolly Nice Farm Shop is on the road between Stroud and Cirencester in Frampton Mansell. It is a bustling place selling many local foods, drink and other products. They also have a cafe on-site with a beautiful meadow to sit and enjoy some alfresco eating. They have a butcher with a great selection of locally reared meat, including game. The greengrocer section of the shop is special and everything looks fresh and inviting.

Toast the Cotswolds

Toast the Cotswolds is a lovely farm shop that is full of yummy food and drink from producers in the Cotswolds. They are Bourton on the Water’s first Farm Shop and they specialise in supporting local food producers and farmers. You can find everything from plant and flowers, jams and chutneys, meat and also vegetables. They also sell beers, lagers, ales and even locally made gin and vodka from the Cotswolds Distillery.

Over Farm Market Near Gloucester

Farm Fresh Fruit and Veg

Located just across the river and the way out of Gloucester, Over Farm Market, is a great place to shop. They have an array of fruits and vegetables, most of which they grow locally. They have a great butcher’s shop with some more adventurous cuts, like wild boar and the traditional offerings. About Over Farm Market…

Severn & Wye

Near Westbury on Severn is Severn & Wye Smokery, that is a great place for fresh fish. This includes seafood and local river fish, some of which they smoked locally. As well as their shop, they also have an onsite eatery which is great for a seafood lunch. Their salmon and trout are rather special, you can buy fillets or whole fish.

Stancombe Beech Near Stroud

Stancombe Beech Farm Shop

Stancombe Beech is a farm shop between Stroud and Bisley and comes highly recommended. They are on an actual farm and sell fresh local produce. Their seasonal vegetables include onions, potatoes, cabbage, carrots with tops on, big leeks and more.

Stancombe Beech has a fruit section selling a variety of fruits including apples, melon and some tropical options. Fresh eggs and local honey are also on the shelves.

Court Farm Shop Cheltenham

Court Farm Shop is in the Stoke Orchard area of Cheltenham and is open 7 days per week. The shop is on a family-owned farm, which has been in the family since 1936. The farm rears free-range hens, which produce very nice eggs. They also rear an ever-growing flock of sheep, some pigs and a variety of cow breeds.

Court Farm Shop Meat

They source an extensive selection of their products in the shop from local producers & farmers. Meat available to buy includes beef, Lamb, pork, poultry and game meats. Free-range eggs, dairy produce and some deli produce are on sale. Court Farm also sells bread, cakes, jams, chutneys, beers and ciders. A great place for foodies to get their groceries.

Eastington Farm Shop

Eastington Farm Shop is in rural Gloucestershire near Stonehouse and Stroud. They supply many products from local farms. This place is foodie heaven for those that like to know the providence of their food and being fresh and tasty. The delights on offer include fresh local fruit and vegetables grown locally. The shop has a selection of chutneys, mustards, and other condiments for the larder. A variety of meats are also available to purchase, including some fine beef brisket, steaks and roasting joints. The shop also supplies some great quality lamb, including a variety of cuts like Barnsley Chops, joints and even diced. Poultry and pork are also available for customers to buy at their butchery.

Cheeseworks in Cheltenham

The Cheeseworks in Cheltenham

Based on Regent Street near to the Everyman Theatre is Cheeseworks, a fantastic cheese shop selling a massive range of cheeses. Cheeseworks is foodie heaven for cheese lovers. They are passionate and very knowledgeable about the food that they sell. They source all of their gourmet food products from the top local, national and European suppliers. The shop also sells a selection of other products, including various flavours of chutney, beers and wine.

Bakers & Bread Makers in Gloucestershire

There are some inspiring bakeries who make the most delicious bread in Gloucestershire. Many of these produce artisan baked products, including bread and cakes.