Lydbrook Walk

Forest of Dean Walk Ruardean Hill To Lydbrook

I spent most weekends and school holidays in Drybrook in the Forest Of Dean my favourite pass time not including lighting fires was exploring the local forest. Most walks were off the main routes in the woods surrounding Drybrook stopping occasionally for either a snack of one of nan’s famous fruit cakes or to climb an interesting tree.

Well Dad was visiting the extended family so I suggested he drop me somewhere in the forest and I would walk until he was done I would then meet where ever my walk had took me or worst case a GPS coordinate.

Map Of The Ruardean And Lydbrook Area

I don’t usually follow recognised routes so will not mark on the map most was off grid if you like.

A rough route for my walk.

  • Start point was the highest point of the Forest Of Dean on Ruardean Hill.
  • Walked down High Street and scoured the area for the closest woodland now identified as Ruardean Woodside on Brierley Rd.
  • As soon as convenient I dropped into the woods generally heading downhill eventually ending up at a stream surrounded with blue bells. I heard the sound of pigs assume this was wild boar but didn’t see them but saw bushes moving and pig like noises.
  • After a few hours browsing Ruardean Woodside I took the road to The Pludds  a very small forest village, the only sign of life was the free roaming sheep.
  • From the Pludds I followed Highbeech Road a road with wonderful views across the whole forest.
  • Eventually I arrived at Joys Green then persevered on to Lydbrook.
  • I was just about to find a pub and got the pick up call before I could get refreshment

Photos Took During My WalkForest Of Dean ButtercupsForest Of Dean ViewLydbrook Walk

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