Cheap Garden Offices Gloucester, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Introducing Future Rooms a leading UK Supplier of cheap garden offices. These buildings enable you to work in the comfort of your own garden. Alternative uses; Creative Studio, Home Gym, or a spare bedroom for guests.

Future Rooms can install your choice of home office anywhere in the UK including Gloucestershire.

Garden Office Gloucestershire

Work From Home in Gloucestershire or Anywhere?

Work from home has become very popular in recent years and people are looking for space solutions so they can separate work from home.

Why Have A Garden Office?

Lots of business owners work from home in the towns and villages of the Forest Of Dean. A dedicated garden office can easily separate your work life from your home life. If you work in your house, work can take over, especially if you work in communal areas.

A garden office can;

  • Improve your work-life balance, due to not having to commute as much.
  • Improve productivity by removing distractions and keeping organised.
  • Working in your garden can improve your mood, decreasing stress levels, resulting in better results.

Choosing An Office

Garden offices come in many shapes, sizes and designs, each with unique features. You will need to decide.

  • How many people will work in the office also, how much space do they require?
  • Is extra space required for meeting clients, also considering storage?
  • How much storage space do you require? Space for a filing system for your business paperwork.
  • Does the site require groundwork, or is it suitable for ground screws? If you require the groundwork, there are many local contractors. For example, Piercy Groundworks Ltd, who are local.

Future Rooms are a Quality local, Gloucestershire based manufacturer of garden buildings. Visit their website to see their products.

Garden Buildings & Structures

Perfect Pergolas Ltd

These days, pergolas are more likely to be made from wood, thus can be a support structure for vines and climbing plants. Think of it as an extension to your home, where for several months a year, a pergola lets you enjoy the outdoors in all its glory.

Design, build and customise your own pergola or arbour online. Available in original wood finishes, sizes, and finishes. There is a great selection of garden accessories in store. We’ve established ourselves to give you the opportunity of purchasing your own “perfect pergola” designed to complement your existing property by using a selection of differing timber and finishes.


Delivered to your door complete with all the fixings, ideal for a garden project. Which allows you to assemble your own fantastic pergola. Thus, make the most of our summers! Plant fabulous climbers to cover it with foliage and flowers. From early spring to late autumn, these turn your pergola into the perfect shady retreat. For this reason, your pergola helps to protect you from the elements. Also, it will surround you with a wonderful fragrance at the same time. Prices start at only £325.00.

Barewood Garden buildings

Barewood Garden buildings

At the delightful Highfield Garden World, in Whitminster are Barewood Garden buildings. They supply a range of garden buildings with some interesting designs. They also supply gazebos and hot tubs for your garden.