Places to Watch The Sunset or Sunrise in Gloucestershire

There are many options for good places in Gloucestershire to watch: the sunrise or sunset. This includes in Gloucester, Cheltenham, The Forest of Dean or the many villages of The Cotswolds. However, there are also places that benefit from the lights of the golden hour. The sun at the first and last hour of the day creates some great lighting for photography, hence the name of the golden hour.

Buttercups at sunset in Gloucestershire

The sun, being low in the sky, changes the appearance of many of the county’s buildings, including Gloucester Cathedral and the regency architecture of Cheltenham. The first and last hour of daylight is the best to take photographs in any area with buildings, especially those with nice architecture.

I would love some more suggestions for places, please comment below with your best spots.

Gloucestershire Sunrise & Sunset Time

The best way to check sunrise and sunset times for the county is to ask Google. Identifying a great day to see a great sunrise is more tricky. Predicted clear days or those marked with partial cloud cover are more likely to deliver the best sunrises. If you see wispy clouds in the sky in the hours before sunset, then you are on to a winner.

Where to see Sunset in Gloucestershire?

These are the best spots to take the camera to get some sunset photographs, including in Gloucester & Cheltenham. I’ve found that sunrises are not so great in the eastern half of the county, because of the hills to the east of the county.

However, the best places in Gloucestershire that I have found for watching sunrise are higher points or on the East of the River Severn towards The Forest of Dean or high ground in the Cotswolds. I’m distinctly lacking photos for this, however the plan is to put this right ASAP.

Sunset in Gloucester City

Sunset Docks Gloucester

Gloucester docks is one of the best places in the city to watch the sunset. The western end of the dock is particularly good as the sun disappears behind some of the beautiful Victorian warehouses. If lucky, you may get to see some of the tall ships to enhance the red skies.

Westgate Street Gloucester Sunset

Looking west down Westgate Street in Gloucester is a brilliant spot for sunset, especially with St Nicholas’ Church as a backdrop. The low sun also adds some glorious colour to the pavements and buildings.

Gloucester Railway Station Sunset

Gloucester Railway Station is also a great place for sunset, either on the bridge or platform 4 being the best spots. St Peters Church in the background adds a special dimension if taking photographs.

St Michaels Tower Sunset

The Cross in Gloucester is also a magnificent spot if you face down Southgate street. St Michael’s tower, an icon of the city, catches the late light really nicely.

Sunset in Hardwicke a Gloucestershire Village

Meadow on the Glevum way walk

The farmland on the Glevum Way between Hardwicke and Hardwicke Church is a pretty special place for the late sun. It’s also a great place to watch wildlife or have some alfresco food.

Gloucestershire Sunset

The farm fields and meadows of this area certainly enhance the spectacle. This includes when the fields are ready for harvest or when ploughed.

Sunset Hardwicke

Also, the trees and hedgerows add too photographs to make them a bit more interesting.

Sunset Hardwicke Church

Hardwicke Church and the churchyard are an impressive location to watch the sunset on a clear day. The Norman church certainly enhances photos of the red sky.

Hardwicke Church Sunset

The gap between the church and the trees opens up well for a view of the late sun.

Elmore and Longney Sunset Walks

Elmore Sunsets

The footpaths in the farmland near Elmore and the River Severn are a nice place to watch the sun go down. I took the above photo from the Severn Way path facing towards Hockley Hollow.

Sunrise in The Cotswolds

Cotswold Sunrise

A beautiful sunrise photograph on a misty morning in the Cotswolds. Photo by Helen Lord on Unsplash

Near Broadway Tower

A sunrise was captured near to Broadway tower in The Cotwolds. Photo by Joe Green on Unsplash.

Sunset in Painswick & Town in Gloucestershire

Painswick Sunset

The picturesque village of Painswick in the Cotswolds is a fantastic place to see the sunset. During golden hour, many of the Cotswold stone buildings are lit up nicely. The church yard is a fantastic place to watch the spectacle. Also, parts of the nearby Cotswold Way Walking Route have some fantastic views during the late sun.