Drybrook Quarry

Gold & Gem Mining in Gloucestershire

Inspired by a few TV shows I watch, I have researched about gold and gems found in the Gloucestershire, Cotswolds and Forest of Dean geology. This includes details of precious metals and stones found in the county and historical mines.


A few programs that inspired me to do some research these are;

Gold Rush

This is a long-running show about miners in Alaska learning the ropes of commercial gold mining in the Yukon. It covers various groups learning the trade and progress. More info…

Devils Canyon

Individuals prospect in a very dangerous wilderness in British Columbia, Canada called devils canyon where they have to survive and find gold in the fast running canyon.


Prospectors TV show follows miners in the Colorado Rocky Mountains as they look for precious metals and gems, including aquamarine, blue topaz, amazonite and smoky quartz. More info…

The UK Law

They class gold and silver as ‘Mines Royal’. This means that in most cases they belong to the Crown. Because of this, if you intend to carry out gold and silver exploration for commercial gain, contact The Crown Estate. You will also need permission from The Crown Estate to take away the gold that you may have found or discovered, whatever the method you have used. More information…


Snippets of information about gold and gemstones found in Gloucestershire, The Cotswolds and The Forest of Dean.

Bailey Level

Bailey Level is a former gold mine near to Wigpool & Drybrook and an iron mine in the Forest of Dean. The mine and surface features are managed by volunteer members of Lea Bailey Light Railway Society. The mine was closed in 1908, as they could not extract economically, because of the small amount of gold present. According to the AddItNow mining forum downstream of The Bailey Level is an excellent area for panning.


A useful beginner video on panning techniques used.

The Quest Continues

As I find new snippets on this topic, I will add further information, If you have any to share or links to add to this site please use our contact form.

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