double Highland Venison burger served with sautéed potatoes with rosemary and garlic

Guru Coffee House in Gloucester

I have visited Guru Coffee house on Brunswick Road in Gloucester a few times this week and many times in the past and thought I would write about the recent visits. On both occasions visited with a friend and their dog and both were enjoyable.

Guru Coffee House

The eatery is located between the city centre and Gloucester Park on Brunswick road, Guru has 2 floors for eating or drinking as well as a covered outside area. There are a variety of seating options including a variety of sized table, tables with stools and my favourite the sofa or armchairs on both floors.

Sofa and table seating upstairs

Dog Friendly

I called ahead to check if dogs were welcome inside and yay they were, the puppy was even brought a bowl of water to where we were sitting. The staff were welcoming to both human and canine guests and other diners even popped over to pet the dog.

Dog friendly

The Menu

Guru has an extensive menu for food from breakfasts to a grill menu. Healthy bowl foods are served including many vegan/vegetarian options. They have a low carb section on their menu. I sampled their Chilli Con Carne with cauliflower rice and smashed avocado, very nice.


Drinks include a variety of coffee and tea options, canned soft drinks, juice and smoothie options too. I sampled a shot of the detox that the server let us try and also Engergiser health juice which includes; apple, celery, orange, pear and sweet potato. They also serve a selection of alcoholic beverages including wine, cider and beer.

Detox Juice Gloucester

My Visits

On the first visit, I opted for San Pellegrino pomegranate then the lemon and mint to drink.

San Pellegrino pomegranate

For lunch, I opted for a double Highland Venison burger. This was served with sautéed potatoes with rosemary and garlic, this was delicious and very filling.

double Highland Venison burger served with sautéed potatoes with rosemary and garlic

For dessert I enjoyed a slice of their coffee cake, wanted more but showed some restraint.

Coffee Cake at Guru

On my second visit, I mixed it up with a lamb and feta burger. Different from the one that I had had a year previously with salad and sweet potato fries.

This was really juicy and flavourful and the sweet potato chips were crispy.

Lamb & Feta Burger

Other Photos


A hidden gem IMO and somewhere I will return to as it seems very unique, has healthy options and delighted that the dog was welcome. You can find out more about Guru on their website

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