Hardwicke Church Rape Field

Hardwicke Church, the Norman St Nicholas Church Gloucestershire

Walking to Hardwicke Church along the Glevum Way is a fantastic walk through some great farmland. This is a historic place dating back to Norman times and is fascinating, historically and architecturally. Although I am not an attendee of organised religion, I have a fascination with old buildings, including churches.

One of the best times of day to visit the church is late as the sun is going down. It’s a spectacular spot for a Gloucestershire Sunset. It’s also very picturesque on a misty early morning.

Hardwicke Church Sun

About Hardwicke Church

Winebaud de Ballon in 1092 gave a church called Hardwicke to Bermondsey Priory, so they classify this church as Norman in heritage. They say Bermondsey Priory sold that church in the later 13th or the 14th century. Full History.


The church is on Pound Lane in rural Gloucestershire. You can access it easily from the village walking or driving from the A38

Events and services at St Nicholas’s church are on the church website. http://www.hardwickechurch.info/


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My Last Visit

As this is my closest church and I needed to test my new bike (my plan to lose 7 stone over the summer) I hopped on my new bike and reached St Nicholas’s church. It was a wonderful day to take photos, and my biggest fear that a funeral would be in progress didn’t materialise. The last time I spent time here was for a history project. I was trying to find historical figures in the graveyard. This research was interesting, however I found a house down pound lane that Oliver Cromwell stayed in before marching on Gloucester.

St Nicholas Church

St Nicholas Church Photos

Some of my photos of Hardwicke Church from various visits and walks in the area.

Hardwicke Church Rape Field
Hardwicke Church Clock
Church Clock