River Wye in Lydbrook

Hike from Joys Green in Lydbrook along the River Wye to Symonds Yat

This is about an enjoyable walk from the bus stop in Joys Green, via Lydbrook to The Saracen’s Head Pub at Symonds Yat. It was a long hike, hoping to arrive in time for last orders for a prearranged lift back home to Gloucester. Overall, this is a stunning walk through the Wye Valley AONB.

Bus From Gloucester To Joys Green

I chose Joys Green as the starting point of this hike because it is the closest bus stop I could find to the River Wye in Lydbrook that was a direct service. The 22 bus route from Gloucester is the best option for getting to the locality. This bus route continues onwards towards Coleford.

The Walk From Joys Green, Lydbrook to Symonds Yat

Walking down the hill from Joy’s Green, I spotted a nice-looking path, not in the direction I planned, but hey this is adventure and only had one deadline. The path runs from Joy’s Green Road to the A4136.

Lydbrook Towards The River Wye

Road to Lydbrook

The next phase of the walk was down the B4234 through Upper Lydbrook and then Lower Lydbrook. I stocked up with drink at the local shop in the village but decided a pint in The Jovial Colliers Inn was not for me today. This part of the walk was all downhill until reaching the River Wye.

Lydbrook Village

There are options for visitors to Stay In Lydbrook, including the Jovial Colliers Inn and Bunkhouse. The Old Alley Bunkhouse sleeps up to twenty-one people. They divide this into four bedrooms which sleep, 8,7,3 and 3. Visitors can book rooms over the phone, via e-mail, or by post. The cost is £17.00 per person per night, which includes a full English cooked breakfast. More Info…

Hiking Downstream on The River Wye

The River Wye at Lydbrook

Having reached the River Wye in Lydbrook, the next part of the walk is easy navigation, downstream all the way, following the river until reaching the Saracen’s Head. This gives you the chance to explore and free style walk.

Launch canoe in Gloucestershire

There are a few defunct railway bridges on this section of the river. These are now footpaths and make great vantage points for wildlife spotting or photography.

Derelict Bridge
Derelict Bridge

Leaving the Courtfield Arms, you head downstream along the River Wye. You then head through fields and beautiful countryside until we reach the end of this section at Court Wood. This is a great walk following the river through meadows and farmland while watching canoes and kayaks pass you on the river.

Hiking in the Wye Valley AONB

Depending on luck and the seasons, you can see many wild flowers, birds of prey, and in June I saw lots of dragonflies. There are also some disused railway bridges to sit on and watch the river and admire the stunning Wye Valley scenery.

Court Wood to Symonds Yat

The Wye Valley

This is the last stretch to reach Symonds Yat East, you follow the dirt road through Court Wood over the hill joining the access road to Symonds Yat East. this can be tough going, as hills usually are when at the end of a day’s hiking.

Symonds Yat East

Boat Trip River Wye

The eventual destination for this hike is the Saracen’s Head pub, who serve great food and a nice pint. You could also take a relaxing boat ride from Symonds Yat to enjoy the AONB from a different angle. This is a stunning place to be with beauty all around. This section of the river also has rapids and various canoe hire companies.

Hiking Map

This walk should take over 2.5 hours if not taking breaks or having a picnic. You could also consider extending the hike to include the beautiful stretch of river to Monmouth.