Beginner Game Days with Prescott Shooting School

Introduction to Game Shooting Course

Introduction to Game Shooting Course By Prescott Shooting School, If you are a novice shot and crave the thrill of a traditional driven game day, the Prescott Beginner Game Day course provides the full experience under the watchful eyes of the experts.

For only £650, enjoy two full days of clay shooting tuition, safety instruction, gun mount, game supper preparation, beating, live shooting and picking up.

Beginner Game Days with Prescott Shooting School
Prescott Shooting School

Days Shooting In The Cotswolds

Experience all the style, tradition and thrill of a day’s shooting in the countryside with the guidance and support of Prescott Shooting School in a two-day course designed for novices.

Introduction to Game Shooting Course Video

The Beginner Game Day Course

The Beginner Game Day Course is a two-day experience geared to give you a full understanding of the components of a British tradition that is rooted in heritage.

Day 1: A full day of intense instruction at Prescott Shooting School under the guidance of Daniel and his team of top game shooting instructors.

Beginner Game Days with Prescott Shooting

1. A gun safety and handling brief will be followed by talks on game shooting etiquette, shooting techniques, footwork & gun mounting. You will be taught on a variety of driven and crossing targets finished off with a realistic driven flush of clay targets. This simulates a real game drive to get used to handing the gun effectively and safely in an environment more like the shooting field than a clay shooting stand. All that you have leant throughout the day can be put to the test before the real thing the following day.
2. Breakfast, Lunch and afternoon tea is included along with talks from Daniel on the role of the beating & picking up teams, game shooting attire, cartridges & guns.
3. Guests are invited to join in a demonstration on plucking and preparing a bird with a top local game chef.
4. Prescott cordially invites you to stay at the Wood Norton Hotel in Evesham at an exclusive rate. Please contact Prescott if you have any other questions regarding hospitality or other destinations locally.
Includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, 100 cartridges & clays, gun hire (if required), all safety equipment & instruction.

Day 2:

A day at Harvington Shoot near Evesham.

1. The group will be split into three teams where each team will shoot 2 drives, beat 2 drives and pick up 2 drives experiencing how the shoot works from all angles.
2. Everyone will shoot under professional instruction on the pegs where you will have the opportunity to shoot your first partridge or duck. Everyone will have the chance to put what you have learnt on day one into practise under the guidance of your instructor.
3. Each team will also learn how the beating team works to drive the birds over the guns and also how the picking up teamwork their dogs to retrieve the shot game. The day includes breakfast, elevenses and shoots dinner at the end of the day.

Game Shooting Course Includes:

Breakfast, elevenses, dinner, unlimited game cartridges, gun hire (if required), all safety equipment, instruction, 4×4 transport & brace of birds to take home.

No previous game shooting experience is necessary, no shotgun license is required, all equipment and support are provided by Prescott Shooting School. Prescott does recommend that everyone has a basic shooting ability or takes a minimum of a 1-hour private lesson before the course (a special rate is available to those attending the course).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this course?

We aim to introduce clients to the world of driven game shooting. We provide a platform that gives the opportunity for anyone to come along and experience all angles of a driven game day from beating, shooting and working alongside the picking up team. All clients taking the course will have learnt to a high level all safety and etiquette requirements that would be expected of anyone in the shooting field and learnt various shooting techniques and be proficient and shooting driven game. All clients leave the course gaining the confidence and experience to solely go into the shooting field whether it be a corporate day or joining a syndicate and enjoy their sport to the fullest potential.

What does Prescott offer something like this?

We love and take pride in introducing clients to game shooting watching them evolve and enjoy a sport that we are very passionate about.

Can anyone participate?

Yes everyone is welcome to take part in the course but we do recommend some basic level of shooting experience or taking some private lessons leading up to the course if you are only just starting to learn to shoot so that you get the most out of the course.

Do I need a licence and my own gun?

No, you don’t need a licence or a gun to take part as we can provide all equipment and you
will be under the guidance of an instructor at all times when shooting. We do however highly recommend applying for your licence if you want to take up the sport as this will allow you to eventually go out shooting without an instructor and be fully insured.

What is next?

The course provides all the confidence and skill needed to shoot in-game in just 2 days. Many clients successfully going on to join syndicates and attend corporate days in the same season. Prescott offers a novice game day in November which most beginner game day clients move on to after this course.

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