Captain Charlie Martell FRGS English Ocean Rower #Pacific2018

Captain Charlie Martell FRGS is an English Ocean Rower, Adventurer and Dedicated Humanitarian worker and is passionate about his life in Gloucestershire.


From time spent training and exploring the Cotswold Hills, through the valley of the River Severn, and the entire Forest of Dean, Charlie has embraced the relaxing and therapeutic environment that is his home County.

In 2018 Charlie (the Charitable Adventurer) will be undertaking (again) his most ambitious rowing challenge. Rowing from Choshi (Japan) all the way to San Francisco on the Western seabord of the USA. The row (which in a plane takes a mere 9 hours and 30 minutes). Rowing though, single handed and unsupported will take a lot longer. The 8,179 km row will challenge Charlie every nautical mile completed.

Why is Charlie undertaking this World Record? Well Charlie said; “I have rowed the Atlantic, raced on skis to the North Pole, planning on heading to the South Pole, and there are very few World Records still out there. To row the 8,179 km’s (single handed, unsupported and land to land) will be one of the Worlds greatest records achieved.”

In 2012 Charlie attempted the World Record, only for Charlie and his rowing boat “Blossom” to be beaten by Typhoon Mawar. We asked Charlie if the record might be one adventure too many?

Charlie said; “not at all. If my military and charitable experiences have taught me anything, it is you have to step up, and remind yourself why you’re undertaking such an adventure. The Pacific 2018 row will be supporting some amazing charities (Give them a sporting chance, Veterans In Action and Talking2minds). I approach these adventures as my own personal salute to my colleagues, friends and families of survivors who are dealing with much larger issues than me rowing the Pacific.”

“I know, that as I reach the bay at San Francisco, I will not only be thinking of what has been accomplished, of the colleagues, their families and friends we’ve supported, but also of returning to my Cotswold home, looking out into the distance, embracing the beauty of the County and appreciating all that I, my family, friends have given to support those in our community that I’m proud to support.”

Photos From 2012


About Captain Charlie Martell

Before joining the British Army and serving in the Royal Engineers, Charlie successfully completed the Royal Marines run All Arms Commando Course, after which he first saw active service in the Persian Gulf. At the end of the war, he participated in Operation Safe Haven, one of the UK’s first military-humanitarian aid efforts of the time. Later tours included deployments to Bosnia and Northern Ireland.

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