Museum of Gloucester

Museum of Gloucester – Roman, Tudor & Civil War History

The Museum of Gloucester on Brunswick road in the city is a great place to visit. Especially for those keen to learn about local history. The Museum is a fantastic educational resource about the historical aspects of the cities past. Visitors can learn about recent history, the English civil war and The Roman Heritage of the city.

This is a great attraction for adults and children to visit. The Museum also has some interactive displays where you can dress up in period costumes. The interactive experience includes a Roman kitchen playhouse and medieval street.

Roman Gloucester

I visited on a quiet day, mid week after lunch, and was great to wander around at my pace.

The Museum of Gloucester

They arrange the museum in such a way that it tells the story of Gloucester’s origins as a Roman settlement. Then its subsequent development through the Dark Ages and Medieval period. There is an original Roman wall on display, which is fascinating. The wall makes imaginative visitors wonder what life was like under Roman rule.

There is an archaeology collection which includes the world-famous Birdlip Mirror and impressive Roman tombstones. The Gloucester Tables Set calls the museum home, this is the oldest complete backgammon set in the world.


The Museum has other significant artefacts throughout including some interesting clocks, furniture and weapons from the civil war era. The exhibitions are fantastic and really interesting, one of many great museums in Gloucestershire.


Gloucester Museum has a collection of art including paintings by Richard Wilson, Thomas Gainsborough, John Atkinson Grimshaw and Thomas Dibdin.

Art Gloucester Museum

There is also a large painting of the local Town Cryer, Alan Wyatt adoring one of the upstairs walls.

Eastgate Viewing Chamber – Roman Ruins

This is an underground chamber that shows the remains of defences and the Eastgate of the city. This dates back to when Gloucester was a Roman fortress in around AD 68. The chamber includes Roman remains, including the base of a 13th-century tower and the Tudor ‘horse-pool’. Historically, this is where wagons and they washed livestock before market.

Visitors can view a large section of the Eastgate Viewing Chamber through the windows. The chamber is in the floor outside Boots on Eastgate Street.


The museum has a cafe that serves hot and cold drinks and light bites, including delicious cakes. The cafe also has gifts for sale as a keepsake from your visit.


Admission to The Museum of Gloucester is FREE for the general exhibits. However, some special exhibitions may incur an extra charge for visitors. Currently, because of COVID restrictions, new procedures are in place. They require all visitors to book visits on the Internet in advance. To help with social distancing.

Where is Gloucester Museum?

The museum is on Brunswick Road in Gloucester city centre. This is right next door to the library, also close to the Boots shop. The postcode is GL1 1HP for those using a navigation aid such as a sat nav to find the attraction.

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