Nature in art museum

Nature in Art, Museum & Art Galley in Twigworth

Nature in Art is a unique art experience where all art is inspired by nature. It is the UK’s only art gallery & museum dedicated to art inspired by nature. Nature in Art in Twigworth host exhibitions, art courses, artists in residence and much more.

Museum & Art Gallery

Nature in art museum & gallery

Within a Georgian mansion, just outside Gloucester, is the museum and galley. This museum and art gallery features fine, decorative and applied art inspired by nature. Their collection includes artwork from over 60 countries and cultures by over 600 artists. In addition, the museum organises special exhibitions, art courses and activities for children.

Wallsworth Hall

Wallsworth Hall

The Museum and Gallery call Wallsworth Hall a Georgian mansion in Twigworth home. The building dates back to 1740 but has grown since and is a splendid example of Georgian architecture. Many of the buildings original features still survive and it’s a special place to visit. The hall is in some very nice Gloucestershire countryside.


The gallery hosts a unique range of artwork that reflects the very many approaches to the subject. They include a wide range of styles from the hyper-realist to abstract (pictures, sculptures and objects). Also created with oils, watercolours, acrylics, mixed media, ceramics, glass, wood, fabrics and many other media all being represented.

Their collection is a deliberately all-embracing which is linked by its international quality and also a nature theme. Visitors can see pictures by artists as diverse as Picasso, Jan van Kessel the Younger, Thorburn, Shepherd or also Keulemans. Together with a Byzantine mosaic or objects by Galle, Lalique and 18th and 19th century British or Japanese ceramic makers.

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