New Book – Cotswold Memoir By Diz White

Discovering a Beautiful Region of Britain on a Quest to Buy a 17th Century Cottage.

By Diz White

To be published: 15th May 2012

A Paperback Original. Price: £9.99 ISBN 978-0-9571162-0-7

“Diz White writes about the Cotswolds with such passion. Superb story telling.” Debbie McGee, BBC Radio Berkshire

“Laugh-out-loud, fun read. A Love Note to the Cotswolds. A wonderful souvenir of this lovely place.” Wanda Ventham, Actress and Cotswold resident, Midsomer Murders, Dr. Who

The story began when comedy actress Diz found herself craving Yorkshire Pudding at every meal, knowing that her roots were pulling her back from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to her homeland in the UK. After a holiday in the Cotswolds, with her husband, Diz was sold and the hunt was on to find her dream country cottage.

However, the search wasn’t just about finding the perfect house; it was about discovering the Cotswolds region and meeting some wonderfully eccentric country characters along the way. During her quest, Diz visited Roman settlements, Domesday churches, archaeology digs, and enjoyed river rambles, garden tours and pub hikes.

This memoir explores her journey, through a combination of laugh-out-loud moments and cliff-hanging twists, to the satisfaction of a hard won prize. Not only is Cotswolds Memoir a wonderful story, it’s also a valuable insight into some of the best ‘off-the-beaten-track’ places to visit and features hints and tips for buying a Cotswold cottage.

  • Does for the Cotswolds what Under the Tuscan Sun did for Italy
  • Doubles as an informative travel-tour of the Cotswolds
  • Valuable Visitor’s Guide Included
  • Laugh-out-loud Bill Bryson (Notes from a Small Island)-style humour
  • Great summer holiday/beach read
  • Donation to Cotswolds Conservation organizations from book’s proceeds

British-born Diz White divides her time between an acting and writing career in Hollywood – credits include Star Trek Next Generation, Bullshot (HandMade Films) – and the Cotswolds – her passion. She wrote Haunted Cotswolds (The History Press), Haunted Cheltenham (The History Press) and produced with her husband GHOSTS OF GREAT BRITAIN COLLECTION – Haunted Cotswolds DVD (Available on Amazon).

More Information – Cotswold Memoir -Website

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