Peppers Gloucester

Peppers Cafe Gloucester a Great Place for an Organic Lunch

Pepper’s cafe in Gloucester was a brilliant discovery by me for a tasty organic lunch. However, peppers have been around for over 10 years. Peppers is off the beaten track in Bull Street, a street I have not needed to visit for quite some while it seems. The cafe but has an excellent location.

Peppers Cafe Gloucester

Describing Themselves

Peppers provide a good range of homemade food. Wherever possible, they locally sourced and organic. They emphasise sustainability and fair trade for their producers, suppliers, staff and customers.

My First Visit To Peppers Cafe

This cafe is a great place for an organic lunch, as I discovered. I was the most nervous I have been or years meeting a nice out-of-town girl from social media and needed somewhere to focus my thoughts and get my composure Peppers fitted the bill perfectly, the first date went well and currently meeting again in her town.

Anyway, on entry, I grabbed a bottle of ice cold elderflower cordial. It then headed for the counter. Some friendly staff served me in what seemed like bright and colourful Caribbean hats. I chose a coronation chicken roll, will salad to accompany my drink.

Cornonation Chicken and Elderflower Cordial

They prepared the food fresh in the cafe and brought to my table in a timely fashion. The cordial was very nice, and the sandwich was very nice. The bread roll was soft and nice with lots of coronation filling and nice fresh salad. I would recommend and will return to this place in the future. I can see it being nice using the chair and table outside in Bull street on a warm summer day.

Food & Drink Menu

The menu includes a selection of the following;

  • Alcoholic Drinks – including beer from Gloucester Brewery, Priors Tipple Cider, Severn Cider and a selection of wines.
  • Baguettes and sandwiches – a complete range with many local or organic cheese options, chicken, tuna, salmon, prawn, hummus, egg, sausage and bacon and many others.
  • Cakes – options include flapjack, lemon drizzle cake, tiffin, shortbread or chocolate and banana cake.
  • Coffee – Peppers make their own blend of coffee and serve in all the popular formats.
  • Cold Drinks: – the cafe has the most diverse range of soft drinks in Gloucester. In fact, they have 40 different options to choose from, so something for everyone.
  • Hot food – the cafe regularly serves ratatouille, butternut squash curry, sausage casserole, Caribbean curry and many other seasonal dishes.
  • Jacket Potatoes – baked daily the jacket potatoes have a variety of fillings from basic cheese, tuna and mayonnaise, butternut squash curry and many other delights.
  • Quiches – the in house chef makes all quiches using organic free-range eggs. Options include quiche Lorraine, sausage & mustard, broccoli & spinach, caramelised onion, goat’s cheese and pepper and a three-cheese & onion option.
  • Salad Bar – a salad bar is available for you to make your own preferred salad in a variety of sizes.
  • Soup – homemade soup of the day with organic homemade bread. Regular soups include split pea & ham, spicy lentil. mushroom soup, potato & leek and carrot & coriander.

Live Music

The cafe is also used to host live music and had been a venue for blues festivals and the hat festival. Pepper’s regularly host live music events on alternate Friday evenings where you can enjoy the music with excellent food and a pleasant drink.

Contact Peppers Cafe

Address – 2 Bull Lane, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 2HG.


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