River Severn Walks and Outdoor Fun

The River Severn And Severn Estuary is a stunning place to walk, photograph or even go fishing. The river runs through the heart of Gloucestershire and has a few bridges crossing it.

River Severn

The Severn is the longest river in Great Britain; it is 220 miles long. They sometimes refer to the tidal river downstream from Gloucester as the Severn Estuary.

River Severn at Elmore Back

One of the unique aspects of the lower reaches of the river from Gloucester downstream is the tidal wave called The Severn Bore. This is a wave that flows against the current and often causes a surge. However, spectators enjoy watching the bore when it is big.

Walks on the River Severn in Gloucestershire

The Severn has walk dedicated to walking its course called The Severn Way. The Severn Way is a long-distance walk from Powys all the way to Bristol. There are plenty of shorter walks along the banks for people to enjoy.

Stonebench & Elmore

River Severn at Weir Green Elmore

One of my favourites is in the Stonebench and Elmore area as it is so quiet and in the tidal section of the river. The walk is best started in Either Hardwicke cutting through farmland or starting at the small car park at Weir Green in Elmore. The walk is very enjoyable, with splendid views of the local countryside and a chance to spot some wildlife. More info…

Buttercup Meadow Elmore

In Early May, Weir Green in Elmore comes to life. There is an orchard which springs to bloom. The pasture is lush with lots of wildflowers, buttercups in particular.

Bullo Pill

View Of Newnham-On-Severn
View Of Newnham-On-Severn

A tiny village on the Forest of Dean side of the estuary is an enjoyable walk with views across the river towards Arlingham. The walk includes some nice woodland called Box Grove Woods. More info…


The village of Arlingham is on the horseshoe bend of the River Severn, which is part of the Severn Way long distance walking path. The river here has some splendid views and is a very tidal part of the river, thus the water levels change quickly.

Arlingham Horseshoe Walks

The bank here has warning signs about quicksand in the vicinity. Arlingham has two pubs and a campsite, thus could make a great place to stay while on a longer hike.

Westgate Island

Westgate Island is close to the city of Gloucester and is a nice short walk near to the river and a former boating lake. The parkland also has a raised railway line running through it, which has some interesting archways to walk through.


There are opportunities for fishing in the river. It is best to check with the landowners and authorities. One opportunity at The Red Lion Inn at Wainlodes campsite, where you can hire a pitch. The river is famous for its commercial elver fishing.

Pubs on the River Severn

There are a variety of pubs and eateries on the banks, many with beer gardens, so you can enjoy the views.

The Old Passage Inn

The Old Passage Pub in Arlingham

In the village of Arlingham is The Old Passage Inn, which overlooks the estuary and the beautiful surrounding countryside. The Old Passage is predominantly a seafood restaurant serving some very delicious food. More info…

The Anchor at Epney

On the riverbank in Epney near to Saul is The Anchor Inn, a nice country pub. The Anchor Inn has a beer garden with some fantastic views and is a brilliant spot to watch the bore. They also have a food menu for you to eat inside the pub or on a bench outside. More info…