Robinswood Hill

Our main page about Robinswood Hill in Gloucester. Walking around the hill can take many routes, depending on your choice, you will see magnificent views, a range of wildlife and some great locations for taking photos.

If you haven’t walked on Robinswood hill, please do so, there is so much to see.

There are lots of walking routes marked on the hill, you can also freestyle by joining different paths as they cross.  All routes can effectively become circular walks if you have a moderate sense of direction.

Views from Robinswood Hill

You can on a clear day see all of the following, most are visible most of the time;

  • Some of the Cotswolds
  • The Malvern Hills
  • Severn Estuary
  • The Forest Of Dean
  • All of Gloucester
  • May Hill
  • Sometimes On A Clear Day the Severn Bridge


It was a beautiful walk to the top, my only disappointment was that I haven’t climbed the hill more as it was stunning.  I will now be walking on the hill more frequently on different routes in different seasons.

These are all of my photographs from the walk, it was a very nice day as you can see from the blue sky in the photographs. There were some stunning views of The Cotswolds, the Malvern Hills, Severn Estuary & The Forest Of Dean.

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