Stroudwater Navigation

Saul Junction Canal Walk and Lunch at Stables Cafe

Saul Junction is where the Gloucester to Sharpness Canal meets the Stroudwater Canal. The junction is popular with boaters, and there are many lovely walks along the idyllic waterways. Nearby is a Marina and Visitor Centre, the marina is a place for moorings and also has boats for sale.

The major waterway here is the Gloucester- Sharpness Canal, a canal running from Sharpness Docks to Gloucester Docks. Second is the River Frome, once also known as the Stroudwater. This is a small river in Gloucestershire with springs in Nettleton.,_Stroud

River Frome Stroudwater

My Saul Junction Canal Walk

Recently, I enjoyed a simple walk with friends and a dog in the area surrounding Saul Junction. It was a cold and windy day but a nice walk none the less.

We parked up on Whitminster lane right next to Stroudwater navigation after passing the church of St. Andrew in Whitminster. Parking was a layby next to a field. We crossed the road and onto the canal towpath, walking towards Saul Junction.

Stream near Stroudwater

The towpath had many narrow boats, barges, and cabin cruisers moored up. However, many boat owners had planted flowers (mainly daffodils) on the bank. There were some water taps on the way for the boat people. This was useful for the puppy to drink and rinse his paws on the way back.

Stroudwater Navigation

The towpath led us past Saul Marina, where many boats moored up.

Saul Marina Entrance

We then reached Junction Bridge and the bridge house and crossed the Gloucester-Sharpness Canal. Then led to crossing a lock and then passed The Willow Trust boat.

We headed towards Frampton and arrived at the destination, Stables Cafe, a canal-side eatery with indoor and outdoor seating.

Stables Cafe

The Stables Cafe

The Stables cafe opened in September 2008 in the idyllic location of Saul Junction. The Cafe gets its name from years ago when the building was a stable for horses that towed vessels up and down the canal. If you are looking for breakfast, lunch, coffee, snacks or homemade cake, this café offers something for all.

Club Sandwich for Lunch

On my recent visit, I opted for the club sandwich on granary bread and chip. This was a great lunch out, was delicious, wonderful service and filling. For drink, I had a cold canned drink and an Americana coffee. For more info see their website

Photos of Saul Junction