St Bartholomews Church

St Bartholomew’s Church Churchdown, Gloucester

St Bartholomew’s Church is located in the parish of Churchdown, Gloucester. The small church is located on ancient Christian site near the peak of Churchdown hill. St Bartholomew’s Church is still used for worship most Sundays and on other occasions. The Church has its origins in Norman times, about 1175, but the site itself is believed to have had earlier Christian and pre-Christian uses. It is a Grade I listed building with many old and interesting features. The beautiful north porch lies beneath an unusual ‘Priest’s Room’, the Font is believed to originate from the 14th century and the pulpit, installed in 1631, is one of the Church’s treasures. More About The History…

Churchdown Hill Home Of St Bartholomew’s Church

Parts of the hill are managed by the Woodland Trust and the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and are open free to the public. Woodland Trust Churchdown Hill Information… A nice Sunday afternoon walk | A Great Landscape For Photographers | Inspired Views For Artists | Tranquil Location To Free Your Mind. St Bartholomew's church in Churchdown


About Churchdown Village

Churchdown is a village in Gloucestershire, England, situated between Gloucester and Cheltenham. The village is unusual in having two centres. The older (Brookfield or “village”) centre is in Church Road near St Andrew’s Church; the more modern centre is in St John`s Avenue near St John’s Church. Churchdown is a relatively large village, with a population of 11,261 (2001) Wiki

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