St Mary De Crypt

St Mary de Crypt Church In Gloucester

The St Mary de Crypt Church is in the city centre on Southgate Street, Gloucester, next to Greyfriars Priory Ruins. St Mary de Crypt is an Anglican Church that has a history dating back to 1140. In the 12th century, they knew it as The Church of the Blessed Mary within Southgate. They have recently restored the church in 2019, however, before that they had sadly fallen into disrepair.

St Mary de Crypt History

They founded the original Crypt School in 1539, the original schoolroom next to the church still exists. The church has a fascinating history, including being used to store and make ammunition in the First English Civil War.

Church Architecture

The church is very interesting architecturally; they built it in the 12th century. The building currently includes several surviving Norman features. One of the most significant is the well preserved carved tympanum. You can find this over the Southgate Street Entrance, which depicts the Agnus Dei. Agnus Dei is the symbols of the Resurrection of Christ, based on the Book of Revelation in the bible. Additions and renovations over the centuries have expanded the church. However, it still has some of its original features.

The Church Organ

Organ St Mary De Crypt

When visiting the church, notice the organ. The organ is a prominent feature towards the end of the aisle.

The Schoolroom Cafe

The original schoolroom of Crypt school is now a cafe that you can enjoy a nice snack accompanied with a hot or cold drink.


The church often has guides to show you around, for larger groups of people. Visitors can book tours on the church’s website.


St Mary De Crypt Church Gloucester

Towards the rear of the church is a historic graveyard which has many old gravestones to peruse. This is next to Cafe Rene and near to the Greyfriars Ruins. This is one of many interesting churches in Gloucester that you can visit.

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