Visit Stroud

The town of Stroud is in the Cotswolds area of Gloucestershire. Five valleys converge at the town and make it a very special area for walking or cycling. The town has steep hills, independent shops and vibrant cafe culture. Stroud is the principal town in the area, serving many villages and smaller towns in the area. Stroud has a significant art community and is a hotbed for protestors, especially environmental activists.

Five Valleys of Stroud

Five Valleys Stroud

The five valleys include Chalford valley, Nailsworth Valley, Ruscombe Valley, Slad Valley and the Painswick Valley. These are stunning places for walking and exploring the local countryside.

Getting To Stroud

Stagecoach buses serve the town, with routes from Cirencester, Gloucester, Cheltenham, and many of the local Cotswold Villages. It is also on the train line to London, so within easy reaches from many places outside of the county. Stroud is a great destination for walking or cycling from other places in the county too.

Things To See and Do

There are many things to see or do in Stroud. However, hiking and cycling are the more popular choices.

Lansdown Hall & Gallery

Lansdown Hall & Gallery

They originally built Lansdown Hall & Gallery as a temperance hall in the 19th-century. The hall now hosts live music, theatre, seminars, cinema and art exhibitions. It is located close to St Laurence’s Church and the library.

Enjoy a Meal or Drink Out

Stroud is a fantastic foodie destination and has many fantastic restaurants to visit. Many of these serve locally produced food and drinks. There is also an abundance of country pubs in the town which are great for a quiet drink and an enjoyable walk in the five valleys.

St Laurence Church

St Laurence Church

St. Laurence Church is in the Shambles, Stroud. The site has been a place of worship for over 700 years. In 1866, the Victorians felt that the existing building could no longer meet the growing demands of the town and rebuilt the church, except for the 14th century tower and spire, which are original structures. The grounds are a nice place to go for reflection or somewhere quiet to enjoy an alfresco lunch.

Other Tourist Attractions in Stroud

  • Shambles Market
  • See the Cotswold Craftsmen Gallery
  • Explore Woodchester Park
  • Go to the Museum in the Park
  • Walk along the Thames & Severn Canal
  • Nether Lypiatt Manor
  • Go to a live music gig at Stroud Subscription rooms
  • Peruse Gallery Pangolin
  • Visit Woodchester Mansion
  • Have fun at Stratford Park including going swimming

Food Shopping

There are many options in the area to do food shopping. The most notable is Stroud farmers’ market or some of the local farm shops. The town also has many great independent food shops such as bakery, deli and much more. Stroud’s high street in stroud is rather unique, thus a great place to visit.

Farmers Market

High Street Stroud

The weekly farmers’ market in Stroud takes place in Cornhill Market and the nearby streets. It is open from 9 am until 2 pm every Saturday and is a great place to buy some local food produce. Stroud Farmers Market has won awards and is one of the most popular in the UK. There is a great variety of locally produced food, including meats, cheese, fruit and vegetables. There are bakeries that supply bread and cakes and local beer and wine suppliers.

Jolly Nice

Jolly Nice Farm Shop

Situated just outside the town on the road to Cirencester is Jolly Nice, a comprehensive farm shop. They have a great variety of locally produced food, and a cafe to enjoy lunch out in the beautiful countryside.

Five Valleys Market

Waghornes Artisan Butchers

The Five Valleys Market is a great place to go shopping in stroud, their concept is like that of the famous Borough Market in London. They have a great selection of food retailers including artisan bakeries, butchers and delicatessen stalls. They also have a variety of street food offerings, thus a great place to dine out.