The Friction Project: a Miniature Museum of Museums

The Friction Project: a Miniature Museum of Museums, is produced by Flow Contemporary Arts. The project presents a unique interactive artwork created by Tara Downs and Bart Sabel inspired by the collections of three Gloucestershire Museums. This is art you are invited to touch and activate and be enchanted by.

The layers underneath are many, you can go down as deep as you like, or simply enjoy the experience – the choice is yours.

The Friction Project

About Flow

Flow works with partners to provide encounters with art in unusual places .


Some Exhibits At The Friction Project: a Miniature Museum of Museums

Interplanetary Receiver

Interplanetary Receiver
Interplanetary Receiver


Interplanetary Receiver, An Analytical Engine (the brain), A Gramophone Planetarium and a Pianola Textile Coding Roll Machine – discover the ideas behind them and explore what makes innovation tick.

Pianola Textile Coding Roll Projector

Based on a part of a clockwork mechanism, and inspired by the coding rolls of pianolas and textile machines (amongst the earliest use of binary code), this machine is the storyteller. A rotating paper roll with holes punched in it causes images from the museums collections to be projected in a sequence that tells an associative story and connects to the strange leaps that the human mind can make. This machine can be started/stopped by a piano pedal.

Pianola textile coding roll Projector
Pianola textile coding roll Projector

The projector is made from piano keys (Holst) with green felt cushions (Museum in the Park) and the mechanism is based on the Redler En Masse conveyor (Waterways Museum).

Where and When ?

Gloucester Waterways Museum – 28th February – 13th April 2015, Open daily throughout the year, 11am to 4pm Website…

Museum in the Park, in association with SVA SITE Festival, 18th April – 31st May 2015, Tuesday to Friday: 10am – 5pm, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays: 11am – 5pm Website…

Holst Birthplace Museum, in association with Cheltenham Open Studios – 12th June – 1st September 2015, Tuesday–Saturday 10am–5pm, Sunday 1.30pm–5pm, Open Bank Holiday Mondays Website…

Associated Events

SITE Festival – 1st – 30th April 2015

Brunch at SVA Stroud – Sunday 19th April 11am-1pm

Cheltenham Open Studios – 13th – 21st June 2015

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