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Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Gloucester & Gloucestershire

There is a wonderful choice of vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Gloucester & Gloucestershire. They dedicate some eateries to plant-based foods and however others have a tasty choice of vegetable dishes for you to eat.

Other Eateries

  • Cheltenham restaurants, cafes and eateries serving non-meat food for their patrons.
  • Glos Eateries. All options for eating out in the city, most have plant-based cuisine on the menu.

Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants in Gloucestershire

Our guide to some more popular vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurants in the county.

Guru in Gloucester

Guru Coffee Shop is a cafe and coffee shop in Gloucester near to the park. They have a healthy menu that also includes lots of plant based options.

Their menu includes sweet potato and cauliflower curry and also a fajita seasoned bean burger with citrus, mayonnaise and salsa. About Guru…

The Med

In Gloucester Docks is The Med, a Mediterranean restaurant with a selection of vegetarian dishes from meze starters and also falafel main courses. About The Med…

Bangkok Canteen

On Westgate Street in Gloucester is the fantastic Bangkok Canteen, a popular Thai restaurant. They have a comprehensive Thai menu, however they have quite a few delicious vegan options. For vegans they serve chickpea red curry, crispy aubergine, and also many other choices. They are a popular place to dine out with fantastic reviews.

Karibu in Stroud

Karibu vegan bar in Sroud

Karibu is an artsy Vegan Bar & Kitchen in Stroud. They serve up vegan street-food inspired by traditional recipes from all over the world. They also display original artwork from talented local artists (and dear friends).

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