Walk – Elmore Back, Stonebench To Hardwicke & River Severn

Walk From Elmore Back, Stonebench To Hardwicke Including River Severn. More photos of my walk today from Elmore Back to Hardwicke via the River Severn at Stonebench.

River Severn at Stonebench

I visited my friend who is lucky enough to live on the banks of the River Severn in Stonebench, Gloucestershire.  It is my preferred location to go and watch the Severn bore, I’m particularly looking forward to the bores of 2014 as this will be the best year since I started watching them.

I hope to have my photography skills nailed down for when the big bores happen in 2014 and am patiently saving up for an HD camcorder so I can provide good videos of the bore and my future waterway walks.  All videos will be available on my YouTube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/ITR1ch

Featured Photos

Trees Along The River Severn
Trees Along The River Severn
Hockley Farm Sunset
Hockley Farm Sunset

 Map Of Start Of My Walk

Rest Of Days Photos

What’s Nearby?

Pilot Inn – A public house for food, drink or rest.


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