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Rodborough Common Walks – Walk To Stroud

I was at a meeting in Rodborough near to the Prince Albert Pub. When I passed by, it was too early and unfortunately closed. I decided rather than navigating public transport that I would take a walk on Rodborough common, then back to Stroud to grab lunch. The area has many options for walks, including many circular routes.

Walk On Rodborough Common

The first step was to walk along the roads, the last one being Dark Lane, which was uphill until I reached a cattle grid. Crossing this road led me on to the common. There are parking spaces for those who come by car.

Rodborough Common is a big common. It is in fact 250 acres in size and has many paths to walk. Cattle roam free on the common, these can be very inquisitive. However, I got no attention from the cows this time. Maybe, as it was an on-off rainy day, most were sitting down in the pasture.

Rodborough Fort

Anyway, I proceeded away from the road and planned to circle the grounds of the fort. I enjoyed the views over the Nailsworth Valley, despite the drizzle and grey gloomy sky. After getting my fill and needing to get a move on, I walked to the Cotswold stone wall surrounding the grounds of Roborough Fort.

View From Rodborough Common

I did my loop of the stone wall and returned to the cattle grids where the loop had started. The Common is a good place for circular walks. These are ideal for those driving up to stretch their legs or have a picnic on a nice day.

Rodborough Common To The Viaduct

Downhill through farmland

I headed back down Dark Lane and as my phone was broken; I was freestyle walking with only my sense of direction for guidance. I come across a footpath sign which was downhill into the valley. This was ideal for me. The field had a herd of cattle in and some nice lone oak trees. After crossing a few fields and stiles, I had reached the River Frome and the viaduct that crosses it.

Cattle road block

River Frome To Stroud

I had a mooch around the River path and Railway viaduct over Dr Newton’s Way and shot some photos as the area fascinated me.

River Frome Mini-Waterfall

The Viaduct crosses both the river Frome and the Severn & Thames Canal and is pretty special. There was a nice poster showing the wildlife of the area.

Railway viaduct over Dr Newton's Way

The poster included otters, Daubenton bats, grey wagtails, kingfishers, and dippers. The rain must have driven them away, so was not lucky enough to spot any.

Wildlife of the canal and river

The Thames & Severn Canal stretches from the Stroudwater navigation lock in Stroud and is over 28 miles long. The route heads into the Cotswolds via Sapperton and Cirencester until it meets the River Thames in Lechlade. A long-distance hike for another day, methinks, or maybe make it a weekend adventure.

Thames & Severn Canal

As I was heading into Stroud, signs showed I had to follow the canal along The Thames & Severn Canal Towpath. This was a nice flat walk, and the water was clear except for when the heavens emptied a few times and soaked me. After a while of walking down the tree-lined waterway, I had reached the lock and upper lock cafe in Stroud.

Canal Lock in Stroud

Lunch Break In Stroud

I need to get my camera charged as was running low and check in with work so needed somewhere to sit. Galgos Latino fit my bill, so entered to do what I need to do and get some B vitamins. The B Vitamins come in the form of Stroud Brewery Organic Lager. This was rather nice and went down well.

Stroud Brewery Organic Lager

I had got what I needed to do done and extended the walk. Walking and hiking alone in the countryside is very cathartic for me.

The plan was to jump on the stagecoach bus to Edge and then walk across and down Haresfield Beacon. I grabbed some snacks and a soft drink and on the bus; I hopped.

Walk Across Haresfield Beacon details..

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