Fairplay Pond Forest Of Dean

Forest Of Dean Walk – Plump Hill to Drybrook

After weeks of rain, the sky was blue, and I got my boots muddy on a walk in the Drybrook area. This involved a walk in The Forest of Dean starting at Plump Hill near to Fairplay Pond. This is a great walk, and the area is often quiet, so you get some solitude, just like I prefer.

Walk from Plump Hill

I started by being dropped just past Mitcheldean on the A4136. The drop off point was near to Fairplay Pond. My plan of action was to reach Drybrook Village via the woods.


The principal purpose of my walk was to get some nice photos of Fairplay Pond. This is a place I have visited many times in my youth. Fairplay pond is a small lake set in an idyllic forest area. They also allow fishing here, too. The pond is a great place to have a picnic, go wildlife spotting, or a spot of local fishing.


From the pond, there are various trails into the woods. However, I opted to freestyle in the wild, hoping to spot wildlife and avoiding people. The walk followed the hill line and after some rambling; I was above the Drybrook Rugby Club pitches. This area had some magnificent views of the surrounding countryside.

What’s nearby?

Drybrook Village

The Village of Drybrook is nearby and downhill from the forest. It’s also on the hillside and has superb views. The village has a few shops, a chippy, and also a local pub to stop at for refreshments.