Red Snapper at The Med Restaurant in Gloucester

The Med a restaurant for Mediterranean food in Gloucester

The Med is a Mediterranean restaurant in Vinings Warehouse in the historic Gloucester Docks. They opened in late 2018 in the waterfront location. The Med is an oasis of calm in a waterfront area known for its vibrancy. They specialise in the food you will find throughout the warm Mediterranean: from meze to falafel, steaks to beautifully grilled fish, and seafood. The menu includes Spanish, Greek, Italian and Lebanese dishes, to name a few.

My Visit To the Med in Gloucester

As soon as I noticed the sign to the new restaurant opening, I have been keen to sample their food. I visited on a quiet evening after a visit to Danter’s Fair at Hempsted Meadows and a pint in Brewhouse and Kitchen. I’ve subsequently visited the restaurant occasionally and enjoyed the food.

The Med Restaurant

The restaurant was spotless and comfortable and enjoyed a window seat with pleasant views of the docs at night. The staff on duty were friendly and provided excellent service.

Comfy Seats


There are some pleasant options for drinks at The Med from a range of Mediterranean wines to some great lagers like Estrella

Mediterranean Starters

For Starters, we shared “The Med Platter” which consisted of Muhammara dip, Labneh dip, Hummus, Baba Ghanoush (aubergine & tahini) which they served with pita bread. This was very enjoyable and ended up ordering extra pita to savour the flavours, particularly the Muhammara dip.

Main Course

For the main course, I opted for the Lebanese Lamb Chops. They rub these with 7 spices then grilled. They served this with couscous, skewered vegetables and also a piquant sauce. The flavours were great, meat was tender and filled me up. My date, however, opted for the Red Snapper, a grilled whole fish that tasted very good and seasoned very well.

On my last visit, I opted for the Morrocan Tagine with couscous for the main dish. I have become fond of tagine and other Moroccan cooking gut not tried it dining out. The tagine tasted great with tender lamb, vegetables and tasty olives flavoured with ras el hanout. Ras el hanout is a blend of spices used in North African cookery that adds great flavours to slow cooked stews.

Morrocan Tagine at The Med

Contact The Med

The best way to get hold of them to make reservations or see the current menu is via their website.


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