The Spirit of Aviation Statue in Gloucester

The Spirit of Aviation is a sculpture by Simon Springer, this located on Northgate Street in Gloucester.

The Spirit of Aviation statue celebrates the achievements of The Gloster Aircraft Company. Founded in 1917.

The sculpture was designed to mark the dawn of the jet age and celebrates Gloucester’s contribution to aviation history and the modern trade of the aircraft worker.

Spirit of Aviation Statue Photos

The Gloster Aircraft Company

The Gloster Aircraft Company was a British aircraft manufacturer from 1917 to 1963. It was founded as the Gloucestershire Aircraft Company Limited during the First World War, with the aircraft construction activities of HH Martyn & Co Ltd of Cheltenham,  it produced fighters during the war. It was renamed later as foreigners found ‘Gloucestershire’ difficult to pronounce. It later became part of the Hawker Siddeley group and the Gloster name disappeared in 1963.

Gloster designed and built several fighters that equipped the British Royal Air Force (RAF) during the interwar years including the Gladiator, the RAF’s last biplane fighter. The company built most of the wartime production of Hawker Hurricanes and Hawker Typhoons for their parent company Hawker Siddeley while its design office was working on the first British jet aircraft, the E28/39 experimental aircraft. This was followed by the Meteor, the RAF’s first jet-powered fighter and the only Allied jet fighter to be put into service during the Second World War. More info…

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