Health, Massage, Yoga, & Alternative Therapies in Gloucestershire

Health, beauty and healthcare information, including traditional and alternative therapies in Gloucestershire. There are also many gyms, spas, health clubs, yoga classes and beauty specialists of Gloucestershire, too. Who doesn’t enjoy some pampering and self-care?

Spa Treatments Gloucestershire

Hallmark Hotel Health Spa

Many of the hotels and health clubs of Gloucestershire and also The Cotswolds have a spa. These also offer a range of treatments and provide a relaxing, healing environment. There are many options for Spa Day Discounts, some of which are very good value for a treat.

Massage Therapists Gloucestershire

A guide to massage therapists in Gloucestershire and The Cotswolds. This includes many types of massage and also related treatments. There are some therapists with offers and others that we have visited with a review. There are various types of massages available in Gloucestershire, including.

  • Swedish, sports or Thai therapeutic options.
  • Lymph drainage and also Shiatsu.
  • Deep tissue.
  • Aromatherapy or hot stone massages.

Some local self-care services I have had exceptional experiences with. However, there are many other options yet to visit.

Holisticure in Quedgeley

I’ve visited twice for an hour’s lymph drainage massage with Claudia. On both visits, I felt very relaxed and reinvigorated after the treatment. Holisticure is based in a private house in Kingsway. Claudia has a private dedicated treatment room with a table and associated equipment.

Salon Serenity in Gloucester

In Gloucester, near the bus station, is Salon Serenity. They offer customers with an array of pampering services and also massages. These include hot stone, deep tissue, aromatherapy and Swedish massage. I enjoyed an aromatherapy session for an hour. Their place was pleasant, and the massage was also relaxing. More info…

Cheltenham Chase Hotel

Special offer available for a Spa Day Pass at the Cheltenham Chase Hotel. The offer includes 2 treatments including a back, neck and shoulder massages. This hotel is a delightful place to visit and also use their other facilities. More info…

Miach yr iachawr in Berkeley

Based in Berkeley in Gloucestershire, and provide a comprehensive selection of therapies. This includes; Sports, Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, and also much more! More info…

Yoga Classes and Teachers in Gloucestershire

There are many yoga teachers and classes in Gloucestershire, The Cotswolds and The Forest of Dean. Most offer classes for people of all abilities, from experienced newbies to very experienced participants. Many gyms also offer yoga classes as part of the monthly memberships.

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices that originated in ancient India. The term in the Western world often denotes a modern form of hatha yoga as exercise, consisting largely of the postures or asanas.

LaraB in Gloucester

Lara B is a Hatha yoga teacher in Gloucester. She teaches classes regularly and also one-off classes for groups and individuals. She has been teaching since 2006, during lockdown she has developed online sessions. About Lara…

Carol Maguire near Stroud

Carol hosts friendly classes in Leonard Stanley that are open to both men and women of all abilities, ages, shapes and sizes. She has been practising yoga for 30 years and also teaching for 10 years. About Carol Maguire…

Yoga with Katie In Cheltenham

Katie provides adult yoga classes at the Cheltenham Holistic Health Centre. Classes include core strength, beginners’ Hatha, and also ladies only stress relief. She provides sessions to small groups and specialised sessions. Katie also does meditation classes for teenagers. More info…

Ann Morley In Cheltenham

Anne Morely Yoga

Ann Morley provides both public and private lessons in Cheltenham. She offers a range of styles of public classes, private tuition is also available, where you can choose the style and pace of learning. More info…

GL1 Leisure Centre

The GL1 Leisure centre on Eastgate Street in Gloucester has 5 weekly sessions of power or flow yoga. Yoga Flow is a flowing, dynamic, uplifting class with movement synchronised to the breath as you glide through the poses. This type of session will revitalise and energise, strengthen, and lengthen. However, these are suitable for participants of all abilities. The “power” sessions involve a dynamic version that flows through a series of poses. They design these to improve flexibility, strength, and also to encourage inner peace. Timetable…

Nuffield Health

The Nuffield Health gym in Barnwood, Gloucester has sessions most days, all with a fresh approach or teacher. They include these sessions with membership of the sports club to improve overall wellbeing. The classes are available to participants of all abilities. More info…

Health Food Shops in Gloucestershire

Holland and Barrett have many stores in the county and they are a nationally known brand. They sell many healthy foods and also diet supplements. They have shops in Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury or you could ORDER ONLINE.

The Grape Tree is located inside Eastgate Shopping Centre in Gloucester. they sell a good range of healthy foods and wellbeing products in their shop and some interesting herbs and spices. The shop stocks a variety of nuts, grains, and some healthier snack options. More info…

Skincare Specialists

There are many skincare specialists, many who provide facial treatments throughout the county. One professional is Sonia Norman in Cheltenham, who offers a variety of skin treatments.

Hair Care

As well as skincare, there are also many top hairstylists in the county for both sexes, including barbershops. There are hairdressers on most high streets and mobile options who come to you. There are also many laser hair removal specialists in the county.

Alternative Therapies Gloucestershire

There are lots of independent providers of alternative therapies and treatments that also promote wellbeing. Massage is one of the more popular options, and there is a specific version to help with different ailments and situations. There are also many practitioners in Gloucestershire offering weight loss solutions. One such service is for fat freezing or Cryo Body Contouring. Many of the county’s gyms can also help you lose weight or improve your overall wellness.


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