Gloucestershire Hour is also known as #gloshour and is a networking hour for local people on twitter. A variety of companies and organisations join in sharing their products, opinions and services as well as sharing each other’s tweets.

When is #gloshour

Glos Hour takes place on a Wednesday evening at 8 pm on Twitter, if you search for the #gloshour hashtag you can see what is going on.

To join in include the hashtag in your tweets between 8 pm and 9 pm, although sharing is often done outside of these times.

Join in a networking hour for people in Gloucestershire to promote products or services to other locals. It is also a great way to meet new online friends in the local area.

What are hashtag hours?

Hashtag Hours are usually geographic groups for a local business or special interest groups to connect. When joining the discussion you should contribute, using the specific hashtag.

GlosHour has many great contributors including local jewellers, accountants, libraries and restaurants to name a few.


To follow the action and receive reminders about #gloshour follow @glhour on twitter.



The networking hour is primarily for those that live or work in the county as well as those visiting for events. Contributors include companies from Gloucester, Cheltenham, The Cotswolds and Forest of Dean area.

Business Types

There is a vast range of business types that contribute at this weekly event. They range from small companies, shops, professional freelancers and charities to name a few.

Some of the most frequent posters.

#gloshour Docks advert

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